4th July 2012

 Hope your all doing fine this Holiday. As for me located on the Licking / Muskingum County line we are still without power. (Running on a generator)  As being country folk we try to assist our neighbors by moving the generators around to keep the freezers cool, offer free skinny dipping in the pond to chill out the neighbors as well (lol) . We decide to listen to a environmentalist about alternative fuel and we built a home made generator to run on a alternative fuel.

  We took a few old turbo chargers and connected them to a pto generator where the gear reduction box was out of it. Seems as if the gas turbine system might work so we contacted the local gun enthusiast and told them of our project for the environmentalist and they all donated  what they could. Right now it is completed and is awaiting for the trial run. We decided to wait till dark for it to cool off.

  We are going to let the environmentalist lite the fuse and it should be a real BANG UP FOURTH fire works show. Me I'll view it from the periscope from my bunker!  Happy Fourth!!



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