Enough Hysteria, Madness and Mobocracy: We Need Energy Solutions

It’s time to put the hysteria, the madness and the mobocracy of which extreme environmentalism is a part, behind us. Its time for real energy solutions.

One of our readers wrote me yesterday to bemoan the absolute madness of so much of what counts for debate in today’s society but is really just a dangerous combination of hysteria and mobocracy. She’s completely frustrated with the way environmental extremists, aided by lazy reporters (who, without investigation, treat the former’s tactics as legitimate), have dominated the conversation. She writes:

The angry mob that is the anti-fracking pipeline resistance movement has targeted citizens, regulators, politicians and even FERC commissioners in their homes. It has bald-faced lied for years and, yet, is basically promoted as heroic by the press. Reporters are failing at their job.

She’s correct. It’s time reporters starting asking tough questions of these people and challenged them with a dose of reality. We need real energy solutions, not more nonsense from the unaccomplished and the unthinking.

I read a quote the other day from a well-known writer by the name of Midge Decter who, having made the political journey from progressive to conservative, stated “There comes a time to join the side you’re on.” That quote came to mind as I thought about our reader’s comment. She started out as a fractivist of sorts but came to understand almost no one on her side was interested in the facts. Most were simply manipulating a press eager to be used and abused as part of some politically correct cause.

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