FYI>>VERY IMPORTANT TO READ>>>I have been watching all the discussions about the deductions for the checks and have some IMPORTANT info to contribute...we live in Bradford county in the Towanda, Dushore area and in July we organized a meeting of about 100 Neighbors and our Commissioners Doug Mclinko,Daryl Miller and Ed Bustin and Sen Scott Wagner (28th Dist ..York) Landed his helicopter in our front yard of our main goals was to get the house Bill HB 1391 our of committee and onto the floor. We did that by calling and emailing each person on the list we were given,to encourage them to vote to get this bill onto the floor ( where it has been stalled for almost 2 years)..and we did accomplish that..we all made our voices heard. so now the bill HB 1391 is sitting on the floor of the house and needs that same voice from all of us again. So Doug McLinko has ask us to help with that again...So I urge you to go on the web and google the Daily Review Newspaper, of Towanda and read the article he has published in the Sept 1 front it very carefully to see whom he showed us to be contacting to cause the stir of the people in Harrisburg that should be helping us get what we should be receiving  in our royalty checks. Also in the Review Aug 31st Page A 11 is another article worth reading. Our small town hall meeting was held in a barn  on June 14th..and that also can be found in the Review on June 15th......what the commissioners and the Senator accomplished  got us was to stand up for our rights and we even got a meeting with some CHK people in Sayre in July...they wanted to meet with us one on one ONLY and we stood up and insisted that there be 12 of us and they finally accepted the usual CHK says they look at what it says in our leases as a GREY matter and we look at it another way. But it did get us some people to communicate with and to be able to contact. ( which we have had no one to contact for a very long Time)..Now one thing they were worried about was their safety with talking to a group and we had to show them we just need to talk to people who will try to listen to our complaints and take them to a higher source at CHK. So I would urge you to read these articles and especially about the tentative rally Doug is trying to get together... and tell your friends and try to get as many people to attend as we can. Because the date is tentative keep watching the Daily Review for updates and flood House Majority Leader Dave Reed's office with calls and emails asking for the bill to be scheduled for a vote NOW..or else it will go  unnoticed again..Sorry for being so long winded but want to ask everyone to try and attend the rally...Doug is counting on our help to get this HB 1391 passed.  Remember we need to be responsible adults(non violent) doing this and just make our voices heard and get this Bill 1391 to get to the floor for a vote... .Mr Reed's (724) 465-0220.. or  (717) 705-7173 ...Also I think a very important part of this issue not only are us the landowners losing money but the state of PA and our local businesses also have a big stake in the loss of revenue....Thanks so much  Kay  ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST POST, SO HOPE I AM DOING IT RIGHT SO EVERYONE IN OUR AREA CAN SEE IT....

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