The drilling rig has been dismantled.

What happens now?

What is the time frame of this well starting to produce royalties?

How can we find out if they have drilled both of the lines they got permits for?  Both permits were for lines South of the well, parallel to the Tennessee Gas Pipelines, which they have already tied into.

Has anyone heard anything? 




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Comment by Jacob Fewx on May 14, 2013 at 12:19pm
Once plugged in the pipe line you will need a full month of production, a month for the gas company to send check to production company and another month to get your cut. If the well is on your property then go check to.see if the meter is spinning. If its clicking away.then u are putting gas in the pipelibe and making money.
Comment by Norm Kozlowski on May 13, 2013 at 11:07pm

Linda also until there is a pipeline to carry the gas its worth nothing

Comment by Tom R on May 13, 2013 at 1:24pm

Linda, I'm no expert but a few comments based on what I've seen and heard in general. It is likely they just drilled the well bore, they often let things rest before they frack the well. It might be several months before they come back.... on a well near me it was 5 months between drilling and fracking. After that there is usually another couple of months before they actually put the well into production, so you might well be looking at a year before royalties start and that assumes all gathering lines and other connections are in place..

Are you familiar with the PADEP reporting website? ( ) This is a pretty good source of information, but sometimes data entry is a bit slow. I looked up the spud report for Mercer County (this is where the drillers are supposed to report when they start the drilling process for each well). This may not be "your" well, you ask about a "James well" but the DEP does not show any "James well" in Mercer but the dates you had mentioned in earlier posts line up with "Pilgram 2 unit" wells in Otter Creek township. According to the info there, they have only drilled one of the two permitted wells. This was the 3H leg and spud date was 3/27/13.

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