is sanford ny a nyc watershed iam getting mixed reports

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Here's a map of the NYC watershed that shows the individual townships that lie in it or partially in it.
Thanks for clearing this up ,So Sanford is not on the map,,but the town is Deposit ,,do you think it matters as far as drilling or GETTING PERMITS IN SANFORD ....
You'll have to judge for yourself where in Deposit Twp you are relative to the blue borderline on the map of the watershed. I have no idea if, or how much, buffer zone outside the watershed will not be drilled.

The permitting of gas wells is restricted in, and around, the watersheds providing water to major municipalities.  NYC has a powerful advocate group to defend their water supplies, and works in lock step with the NYS DEC.  Here is an article from NYS DEC website, which speaks to this point:


The NYS DEC site provides many of the answers you are looking for, but not wanting to hear...  If you are looking to develop your minerals in these  "buffer zones" it may be an uphill battle.


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