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Gulfport Energy

Does anyone have any information on activity by Gulfport in Guernsey county Oh.  I don't see anything on this site about Gulfport.  My lease with them will be up in 6/2016 and just wondering  if they have any plans to drill in next year around Winterset and Birmingham?  Any information would be appreciated.  Donna

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Weak gas infrastructure fueling Utica's struggles

"So, when drillers elsewhere were getting maybe $2.75 per mcf for their gas, in Ohio: “On July 4, I saw Utica gas sell for 64 cents,” said Ohio Oil and Gas Association executive vice president Shawn Bennett in a recent interview.

To be fair, that’s a strikingly painful price, even for the Utica. But that same day in mid-July, Bennett looked up the price of Utica gas while the Henry Hub price was $2.80, and found that Ohio drillers were only getting about $1.12 for their gas. That’s…


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Government Officials That You Can Contact About Ohio’s Fraud

US Department Of Justice

1)    US Attorney General Lynch

2)    Fraud FBI Corporate Fraud Hotline 888-622-0117

3)    Report Other Fraud or Public Corruption

Call FBI Hotline 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324)

4)    Report…


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Understanding How Chesapeake Energy Is Shorting Royalty Payments

Breeze through the 49 pages of how & why Chesapeake is making ADJUSTMENTS to the Suessenbach Family LP Royalties. Hey, they are doing the same thing at Buck Well 1H. I'm sure this is limited to only a few wells......NOT!!!







SUESSENBACH, individually and on

behalf of all…


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Column: Geopolitical events demand rapid response from unconventional producers by oil and gas expert Dr. Daniel Fine For the complete article by Dr. Fine use this link

The Saudi-OPEC price war is now nine months old. Two OPEC meetings have passed without revisions or changes in strategy. It is a war against high-cost unconventional American…


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Trying to figure out how this site works

A few years ago I was a member of the group but my computer crashed. Recently I decided to renew my membership. I asked a question and it appeared. However there was no replies. And then my inquiry disappeared after about three days.

I own 73 acres in Westfield Township in Tioga county. The property has…


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New Contract

Can anyone tell me if any companies are signing people up for Trumbull County? 

Added by Berthenia Fuentes on June 17, 2015 at 1:46am — 1 Comment

pipeline gun range

our neighbor is building a machine gun range parallel? to a pipeline on his property. it is less than 20 feet away. am I being paranoid or does this sound like a really really bad idea?? thanks for your thoughts.

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GoMarcellusShale Update

20,453 Members / Pennsylvania / Ohio / West…


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Here and There with David Marash KSFR Public Radio Santa Fe April 20, 2015 with Dr. Daniel Fine Today on HERE AND THERE: It's clear now, it's not just an oil price...

Here and There with David Marash KSFR Public Radio Santa Fe April 20, 2015 with Dr. Daniel Fine Today on HERE AND THERE: It's clear now, it's not just an oil price drop, but an oil price war, being waged by Saudi Arabia. Among the targets: the new generation of NM shale oil drillers that have made the United States at least temporarily energy-sufficient. Economist Daniel Fine of the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy has a petroleum battlefield report.…


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Crude Oil, Divorce, and Bear Markets

By Tony Sagami…


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Prince Galitzan State Park drilling activity.

There seems to be some talk of activity around the State Park in the future.  That would be close to the Clearfield County boarder.

Added by Louis Bartosiewicz on February 14, 2015 at 3:49pm — No Comments

More Southern Iraq Oil is Starting to Hit the Markets

For the last 10 years, the oil industry in Iraq has been under intense pressure from jihadist insurgents and many leading oil producers were force to pull out of the region because of fears of safety for their workers, and the locals that lived in the areas according to Energy in Asia.

However, things have begun to change in the South of Iraq, especially in the oil-rich fields of North Rumaila which,…


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Party at the pump by By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer

Copyright © 2015 Albuquerque Journal

The good times are likely to continue well into 2015 for consumers at the gas pumps, with some experts now forecasting New Mexico’s average price per gallon of unleaded to slide to $1.55 by March, before it starts to rebound in the spring.

Consumers can generally thank Saudi Arabia for the latest predictions, said Daniel Fine, associate director of the New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology’s Center for Energy Policy. That…


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Weekly Futures Recap with Mike Seery....Crude Oil, Gold, Coffee and More

Our trading partner Mike Seery is out with his calls for this week and he includes some of reliable rules to…


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Westmoreland county, Ligonier township to stop drilling !!!

  Heads up check your local newspapers, Latrobe and Greensburg.  The over reaching  liberal Ligonier township supervisors is going to try to put a STOP to drilling.  I encourage ALL mineral rights' owners who want a lease and have paid years of taxes on THEIR ownership to be at January' s meeting to protest.  The opposition will be there Westmoreland Marcellus Citizen Group is firing up the anti-drillers. Check out their…


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From GMS: Invite our 20,000th Member and Win!

Good Morning Shaler,

GMS is just 8 new members away from our 20,000th! This is a nice Christmas present to me, so thank you for being a part of this network.

I want to have a little fun with this milestone, so here's the deal. If you …


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Notice of Delinquent Payment of Royalty per Lease Agreement


From: __________________________ Address_____________________

Owner Number: _____________

Well: _______ County, Ohio Your Well # ______ Property Number: __________

Date: _________

Notice of Delinquent Payment of Royalty per Lease Agreement

The Royalty Statement generated from production of ______ Well __for the months of Feb through May, 2014 contain the following issues which are contrary to the lease agreement in… Continue

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undue influence

Sherri , After reading your post I would advise you to look into (with an attorney ) the legal term "undue influence" - it is usually applied to wills , probate , trusts , etc. - What it means is that someone has had an unfair influence over your mother because they have influenced her - capitalizing on her fears of being poor and handicapped - and even of dying and maybe not going to heaven etc. - easy for a pastor or caretaker to do because the person depends on them so much, or fears that…


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Crude Oil Market Summary for Week Ending Friday December 5th

Crude oil futures in the January contract had a wild trading week continuing a bearish trend after settling last Friday around 66.15 basically going out at the same price today and if you are still short this market I would…


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