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A Unique Energy Problem for America


Houston and the rest of the U.S. Gulf Coast have more crude oil than the region can handle.

Stockpiles in the region centered on Houston and stretching to New Mexico in the west and Alabama in the east rose to 202 million barrels in the week ended April 4, the most on record, Energy…


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Mineral Sales

Hello East Ohio Landowners


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Mineral Rights Hotwire


This is Steve Madsen, Landman, & former project manager for RiverLand Properties, LP, a Dallas, Texas based mineral acquisitions company that in 2011-13 made a very strong attempt to gain mineral Interest in OH/PA's Utica/Marcellus shale.  I am no longer w/ RiverLand, however I am still in the wildcatting…


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Why the Pt. Pleasant is Key to Utica Production


The Point Pleasant formation has been described as marking the end of Middle Ordovician time.  The Ordovician Period is characterized as the greatest submergence of the North American plate because shallow seas covered such an extensive area, including all of Ohio.  In this environment, the Acadian mountain-building event occurred whereby sediments high in kerogen were shed from the highlands into a somewhat enclosed basin,…


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Beware of the Taxman!

I've seen all the Democratic ads wanting to add more Marcellus and Utica Shale taxes and shift money to Philidelphia instead of creating jobs and more taxpayers where the product is found! This has been my biggest fear! This will happen if we don't read between the lines. We need taxpaying jobs and not more taxes!

Added by John J Interval, P.G, C.P.G. on March 23, 2014 at 10:54pm — No Comments

Potential Suitors for a Chesapeake Buy-out


Ever since billionaire Carl Icahn bought in last year, speculation has been that he would eventually force a sell-off of Chesapeake.  He has already forced a number of divestitures including the recent sell of their pipeline, processing and mid-stream divisions.  He is almost single-handedly credited with forcing the reluctant resignation of Aubrey McClendon and has a track record of controlling the company's leadership and…


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The Truth about the Utica Shale

Admittedly the Utica has come with great hype and promise. Upon the release of Ohio’s 2012 production figures, many pundits were disappointed.  Seems many are convinced that it has not lived up to its billing.  They apparently had hopes for a huge oil bonanza here and were quite disappointed at the purported oil/gas ratios.  But is there really enough data to definitively form opinions, and is the data being interpreted correctly?  Let the debate…


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Royalty Rip Off? The Case Against Chesapeake

Joe Drake (Abrahm  Lustgarten  for Propublica)

This story was co-published  with The Daily Beast.

At the end of 2011, Chesapeake  Energy, one of the nation's  biggest oil and gas companies,  was teetering  on the brink of failure.  Its legendary  chief executive  officer, Aubrey  McClendon,  was being pilloried for questionable  deals,  its stock price was getting  hammered  and the company  needed to raise billions of dollars  quickly.

The money could be…


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Wellhead Flare Flow Measurement Solution

As a mineral rights owner/lessor, do you know how much vent gas is flowing out the wellhead flare stack that relates to production?  We have a cost effective reliable solution for monitoring and reporting the vent flare gas that involves wireless technology with a solar powered system for remote well head sites.  If you have interest in learning more about this solution, contact me at [email protected]  

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Pipeline easements, what's a current offer?

Does anyone have current information on how drillers/pipeline companies are compensating landowners, as in amount per foot or rod, and whether it's ongoing or a one time payment? I'll soon be looking over a lease offer that's being drafted now and I'm looking for something to compare to. If it's a one time payment (and I've read some $ amounts like $15 linear foot, but the posting was old) but the pipeline owner has an indefinite easement and access that portion of your property, that…


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Bias Calls into Question EPA's Ability to Regulate

By Keith Mauck


Nearly every day there’s a new story about government intrusion into the lives and conversations of American citizens, but one particularly troublesome example has received scant attention. It is the release of personal information belonging to 80,000 ranchers and farmers—including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses—given to environmental groups by the Environmental…


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Oildex Announces Strategic Equity Partnership with Accel-KKR

Technology-focused private equity firm invests in the growth of leading oil and gas information management platform provider



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wetzel county drilling

Is 12 acres of land in the wet gas zone of wetzel county worth holding onto or should I sell my royalties

Added by Teresa Renee Sands on February 21, 2014 at 7:34am — No Comments

Helpful Tips for Successful Royalty Management

By Davis Powell and Daniel Simpson

with SHALETRAK ONLINE Royalty Management Software

ShaleTrak often works with owners who are new to the process of receiving revenue from oil and gas production.  Below are a few basic tips to help oil and gas royalty owners with the management process:…


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Coastal Petroleum Corporation (affiliates Slc Energy,LLC) has applied for

an oil and gas permit 049-25426 for Tercho #1 (780791).

Members of SLC Energy drilled Adameck#1 in Greenfield Twsp, Erie County, Pa. and has said it leased another 2,000 acres in Greenfield, Venango and Greene Twsp.,Erie County,Pa.

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Has Your Lease Expired or Have you never been leased?

Northeastern Shale Joint Venture

We are an oil and gas company in a joint venture with a mid-level operator with extensive, successful drilling operations in the northeast Marcellus. We are seeking to work with a single landowner or group of landowners who can form a drilling unit. The individual or group must meet the following criteria:

1. Landowners must NOT be under existing oil & gas leases.

2. The size of the proposed unit must be at least 400 acres. Up to 1200…


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taxes mineral rights

Are mineral rights a income taxable

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The Marcellus and Utica

The Marcellus and Utica and fertile land it is indeed a PARADISE. Too bad all the political parties that win are all corrupt and don't help develop the country the way it should. I PRAY that The LORD changes the hearts of the governing parties and that my land turns into a prosperous and all God Fearing Nation!!

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mineral rights for lease

I recently purchased property in portage county, and am interested in leasing mineral rights for drilling or fracking.

Added by david a kelley on January 28, 2014 at 7:53am — No Comments


I am looking for an Accountant in the Monroe area that is familiar with oil and gas leases if anyone

can possibly give me a name.

Thank you.

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