Now that we are back on the old platform, there are a couple things I'd like to bring to your attention to get back in the groove.

County Groups

Most of the helpful conversations that deal with local happenings occur in a group. Why is this? Because, when a new post is made all the members of that particular county group receive an update. I highly recommend joining and posting local information in the county group of your choice. Many of the groups need a jump start, so if you have some info others may find helpful-please post!

Find your county group

Invite Others

GMS has always primarily grown via word of mouth. People inviting other people to share. Really simple yet really affective! One thing I like about this website is that it has a nice and simple tool for inviting others to join us. You can invite your contacts from your gmail or yahoo email account. Or, you can simply plug in email addresses.

Invite Your Contacts

Donate to GMS

Thanks to the generosity of some site members, we have reached our goals for covering GMS' expenses. We'd like to expand the reach of GMS for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018, so any donations from here on out is just gravy that will be used for promotion and advertising. If you'd like to help us grow our reach, it's not to late to contribute.

Contribute to


Keith Mauck


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