I looked in the info but I haven't seen any updated lease rates?   Does any have any of the current leases offers they are receiving for Columbiana County in Ohio? 

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2500 an acre and 15%

the number I got recently was $2750 and 17%

Where are you located near that they are offering 17%? Are you in butler township?

Knox Twp in section 33 between Georgetown & Mountz.

I know someone signed and got 18% but I haven't got the details on what they got for bonus money and to verify it was a no deduction lease.   

If you where approached by a landman, did they work for EAP?   Halo Land Management or  Mark Oneal & Associates ? 

It was halo last year

The numbers I got from the person and they are located in section 15 of Knox township, got 18% & $1950 per acre bonus 

I made a typo it was $2950 & 18%

I’ve heard some others getting $2500 to $4000. I wouldn’t care about the bonus money, just make sure you get 16 to 18% gross on royalties 

Who is doing the leases, and does anyone have contact info?

EAP (Encino) is mainly, Hanover, Butler, West, Knox twp. Hilcorp seems to be more towards columbiana/ unity twp area, a few other random ones here and there. I know on Encino it said to email ownerrelations@encinoenergy.com but I never got any type of reply.

EAP is very active. DPS Land Services does the leasing for EAP/ENCINO in PA, Ohio and West Virginia.

Contact them 724-705-0444 or on the web dpslandservices.com. That is what I did.

DPS followed back up and they are not currently leasing in Knox Township, Columbiana County


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