2018 Shaping Up As Extraordinary Year for Pennsylvania

Dan Markind looks back at the severance tax debate and ahead to elections, LNG exports, a recovering economy and an extraordinary 2018 for Pennsylvania.

Last Monday, Governor Tom Wolf signed off on a funding plan for the 2018 Pennsylvania State Budget. It does not contain a shale extraction tax. Thus, the answer to the question of whether or not there will be a mineral extraction tax in Pennsylvania is no.



Recognizing the volatility of the situation and the political implications, House Majority Leader Dave Reed stated that at some time during this next legislative year he would schedule a stand-alone vote for the mineral extraction tax. This tax had been approved by the Governor, the Republican-controlled Senate, and a Republican-dominated committee of the House but was blocked for a full floor vote by the House leadership. Majority Leader Reed did not specify exactly when that vote would take place.

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