Does the Daily Star Now Want The Constitution Pipeline, Maybe?

Dick Downey comments on an Oneonta Daily Star article about the Constitution Pipeline stating they now “see benefits coming from the natural gas pipeline.”

Congratulations, Daily Star! You finally equate the Constitution Pipeline with the area’s economic health. While disapproving the route, the method of land appropriation, the preparation for construction, and the industry’s history of securing local tax abatement, the Star’s January 20/21st editorial at least notes some benefits and beneficiaries of affordable gas.

They include job retention at Amphenol and the agri-business in Frazier and, more generally, the benefits to small businesses, local governments, schools and homeowners. Unfortunately, the editorial goes NIMBY on local gas production. Earthquakes and secret chemicals are cited. Your apparent conclusion: just let Pennsylvania produce the stuff and pipe it north. We’ll take it; better underground than in trucks.

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