NG Advantage, Russian Collusion and Cuomo Corruption

Frank Chernega reflects on the NG Advantage zoning decision, the Russian collusion to supply gas to New England and the fruits of Gov. Cuomo’s corruption.

The Town of Fenton Zoning Board of Appeals has turned down the NG Advantage’s proposal to create a proposed virtual natural pipeline (i.e. compressor station and transfer facility). There’s plenty of blame to go around, of course, as there usually is, of course, but, sadly, it’s no surprise NG Advantage lost their zoning bid. The big losers are the businesses and residences that will either get no natural gas or pay a lot more for it in the future.

The anti’s are extremely well funded and always seem to have far more support at meetings than our side. They’re good at protesting and have the time for it. I wonder if Vera Scroggins is a driving force behind much of this and where is she might be getting the funding from? The same holds true for Ray Kemble and Craig Stevens. Where is the travel money alone coming from?

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