Sorry Fractivists: Fracking Made Susquehanna County Even Better!

Natural gas drilling has been going strong in Susquehanna County for ten years now and the reality is we still have our rural way life, with improvements!

Rural Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, is my home and I treasure it deeply. With a population of only 42,000, the county sits atop one of the world’s most prolific natural gas formations – the Marcellus Shale.

Cabot Oil & Gas has invested billions of dollars here to develop this extraordinary resource. Astoundingly, production from my county alone could supply the entire needs of France. Cabot has been here over a decade and I am intimately familiar with the effects of the industry.

Therefore it is disheartening, and frankly, tiresome to hear folks distort the truth about the industry. Recent nonsense on YouTube by the so-called “Tri-County Landowners Coalition” is a case in point.

In the video, a series of “community organizers” dryly read a list of horrors should Cabot be allowed entry. They claim natural gas development would destroy the rural character of the areacontaminate water suppliesdamage roadsdiscourage tourism and harm property values. Moreover, methane was touted as a carcinogen although every person and animal is full of this “natural” gas.

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