The Deceptive Arguments and Tactics of Severance Tax Advocates

Pennsylvania’s severance tax debate has produced some of the most appallingly deceptive arguments and tactics imaginable as advocates lobby for the tax.

Pennsylvania’s severance tax debate is on again. Gov. Tom Wolf, the Commonwealth’s top trust-funder, is making yet another demagogic bid for a severance tax to whip up the greed of “something for nothing” public employee unions. What the debate illustrates, more than anything else, is just how deceptive severance tax arguments made by advocates for the tax really are.

Look no further than this opinion piece by Kirsten Snow that appeared on PennLive for an example of what I mean. Here’s some of what Snow said (emphasis added):

As expected, the governor once again asked for a severance tax on natural gas. If you listened closely, you’d have heard the expected revenue would bring an estimated $248 million to the state’s coffers. That’s $23 million more than it will take to fund his education spending.
Wolf well-positioned the gas tax as equivalent to educating the state’s children.

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