The William Penn Foundation and It’s Plan to Make A Playground for Elites

The William Penn Foundation is using money made in chemicals to buy virtue, together with a playground for elites; a playground where we are but quiet serfs.

There’s nothing elites despise more than the rabble. Oh, they sing a tune of noblesse oblige to be sure, but you won’t find them at War-Mart. They view us as deplorables to be managed and kept at a distance. They see the beauty of the places we call home—the places we have to make a living—and immediately gravitate to worrying about its future. Will it still be available as a playground for them? What can they do to protect it from us? How can they acquire it for themselves and gradually depopulate it? These are the never-to-be-uttered, but ever-present, worries of the elites who, under the pretense of virtue and facade of tax-exemption, aim to steal our land. Among them is the William Penn Foundation.

The William Penn Foundation, funder of the Delaware Povertykeeper, Clean Air Council, PennFuture, StateImpactPA, NRDC, Sierra Club, et al, is frequent subject of these pages. That’s because it so integrally involved in the politics of fractivism, despite being a supposedly non-political tax-exempt charity. It is one of the private foundations operated by the Haas family, heirs to a chemical fortune from the Rohm & Haas company built by their grandparents.

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