My family owns mineral rights to 197.06 acres in Windham Township Bradford County and for a year have been trying to negotiate with Talisman.  Surrounding land is leased and bonus money has been paid.  All discussions we had with Talisman pointed to being signed after January 1,2012.  They went so far as to send us lease proposals last fall.  Now where do we stand?  Anyone have any suggestions as to how to get even a minimal bonus payment and get our land leased?  Help and guidance will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Milton Weir

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197 acres is significant acreage.

I would suggest asking your immediately adjacent neighbors who they are leased with and what contact information they might have.

An O &G Operator would prefer to line up sufficient contiguous acreage to allow for unitization.






The surface owner's son is next door, he's leased with Talisman, as are all the surrounding

property owners.  Any truth to the news I've read the Shell or one of the other large companys

are purchasing leasing rights?  Thanks, Milt






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