Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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I will refrain from commenting as it my get me banned from this site!!

Take a deep breath there fella.

Just curious, am I reading this correctly??


You get what you pay for.  Need I remind folks that both PA and OH (which are the lion's share of this website) voted for this man as our president?  We share the blame for this mess.

I know I didn't vote for "them" !!!  Uneducated useless Americans.  I hope I don't offend anyone :) 

I am just saying if true, 3.8% of everyones OnG royalty in the country is alot of money.

I voted for our President and I think I have decent intelligence so don't throw stones at him or me. Do u people who cut on him have it worse than u did under the Bush administration? Why r u throwing politics in the pot? Politics have nothing to do with what we r hoping happens to we the landowners $$$. This is in reply to all who r bringing up Politics.People r throwing around too much name calling on here, things like stupid, dumb and so forth. I have respect for all who r on here let's keep it nice and no name calling.

Actually, Dorothy, I don't know anyone who isn't in worse financial shape today than we were pre-2008.  Have you been to the grocery store or the gas station since then?


Yes of course I have been to both. I believe u r talking about what was started in the past administration and was handed to a new President. If my husband were up he could quote the amount of jobs that people lost daily or monthly in our last administration. The problems we r having now r leftover problems from the last administration. Any President who would have taken over 4 years ago would have had all the problems that were on the plate at that time. People of America can not keep blaming the man in office now for all the leftovers. There have been improvements made but they r happening very slowly. We r retired people receiving S.S and we feel there is improvements. I do still feel improvements have been made.

Keep researching.  The financial crisis in 2008 was the result of a credit crunch caused by the housing bubble. What caused the housing bubble? A rapid spike in home ownership. Why? Congress passed a law which threatened banks to make bad loans to people with low credit scores.  Over time these loans grew and became significant.  While at same time, home builders could not keep pace for new building.  It was a bubble created by Congress,  In earrly 2000's Congress had several investiations warning of the problem that would happen if not stopped. Of course nothing was stopped and the bubble exploded.  This is the stuff you blame on Bush.

There should have been a recovery.  There hasn't been because of no confidence in the financial markets. Why? The GM deal which throw standard laws out the window, and investors have been spoked. How can you invest when the govt employees are changing the rules to suit their own purposes?

If you want a recovery, you need an executive branch which will enforce the laws - not break or create new ones.

also, delphi non union retirees had their pensions terminated by the administration. only the P.B.G.C. is allowed to intervene in pensions. obama and geitner illegally interfered in the pbgc's rulings. the pbgc rep lied in front of congressional hearings ,claiming that the pbgc made the decisions. e-maols later confimred that geitner wacked them. nothing was done,noothing pursued,because eric holder is the law now.

So true. I had a client (I was a self employed tile contractor at the time) who was a Delphi retiree. He was all excited about the tile installation we were going to do. Then he learned that he had just lost most of his pension, thanks to Obama. Good bye tile job. He didn't think it wise to spend the money in view of the facts.


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