Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Schizoid, do not assume everyone is in touch w/ all the information you appear to be. Requesting information from a CPA creates clarification. Let us be honest, if you and I are fortunate to make $1,000,000 this year we will hire R. Leo to find every loop-hole in the world to avoid many of the taxes. I just want all of us to be as well informed as possible so we do not just create anger among people w/o need. -Denver

uh, Denver - income is income and certainly you must add them together...  we knew the govt would get involved in more wealth redistribution - which is exactly what this and these new taxes are - because you are fortunate enough to be earning those amounts should not negate the fact the tax is theft of your income and right to the fruits of your own labor...

I am happy to pay a tax on any of my royalties to help pay for the Health Care of Americans. I am/will be lucky to be receiving  these royalties in the first place. What better way to help our country than to ensure health care for all. But some people will not understand this until someone close to them has struggled with an illness and medical bills that bankrupts them  or worse yet turned away from receiving appropriate health care, medicines and preventative care and ultimately kills them. this happens every day. 

The worst of it all is when that person dies and the Widow\Widower is hounded by bill collectors the week of the funeral and for years to come. How would you feel if your wife and children were hounded by relentless bill collectors after you die because you couldn't pay your medical bills? happens every day.

4% of funds that I would have never expected to receive to help out the US Health care system is fair. Be careful my friends that you don't let that greed set in that seems to plague those in the Gas & Oil industry. We are simple people here, and want simple things.  Dont make it about being anti-obama. Its about helping our neighbors  our fellow citizens with an entitlement, yes i said an entitlement, to Health Care.  You should feel good that your in a position to do so ($250,000+ a year). The citizens of  the best country in the world deserve it.  

I see the Facist/Socialist PR machine from the East Coast is in the building. "Dobre' Dien" Comrade Chuckie!!!!

I made a really nice pulled pork sandwich dinner in my new crock pot this weekend. Went with the Bobby Flay rub I saw on Apple cider vinegar does make a difference.

Please feel free to break into my house without asking and take the share you feel is appropriate. Then give the rest to others while you are at it.

I almost feel...wait I do feel after reading the above paragraph that I am rude for not offering.

Please accept my apology. What was I thinking.

Chuck, Amen. I wish I could have said it so well. We are blessed to live in this country. Even in such a great country there are those w/ little and if I am fortunate enough to make more then $250,000 per year I feel blessed enough to give a small % to help children a aged w/ their healthcare

Awwww... you brought children and the aged into the arguement.

Now I feel really bad for not being so generous. With our greatness as a nation of course.

You forgot little kittens and puppies, they are precious and helpless and need our generosity also.


U seem to be a nasty person! Do u have any friends that r nice? Take the nice advice and get over your anger. Life is too short to walk around P**ed off all the time.

Let's not  make this political. We are  all Americans  and  my some  miracle  are  fortunate to  sit on the  Marcellus  Shale  formation. Be  thankful for  money  falling  from the  sky. 10 years ago it  was not expected.

I agree, I just dont want Chuckie leaving County Market with two bags of onion rolls heading to my home. He would like nothing more, take the sandwitches and buy some votes.

This is all about politics and finding a way to take money from an industry that is doing well right now when the rest of the country is struggling.

Go for the money where the money is, buy as many votes as possible. It's nothing new.

Wake up!!

What I believe many people do not realize, is that when you pay more taxes, in effect you are giving your money to an institution that thinks they can allocate your money better than you can. This is not true. Governments, in general, are grossly inefficient with spending, and the taxpayers are not given a sufficient say in how this money is spent. Socialism, from an idealists point of view, looks wonderful. Unfortunately, human nature can not be forced to follow the structure. In contrast to the socialist model, there will always be people who want to be the head of society, financially, and in power. This has always shown to lead to corruption. It seems our liberties are being taken under the guise of security, and there is the progression of socialism. I'm quite worried about what our nation is becoming. 

Brad, I Agee! Socialism has never worked. I do believe that capitalism , the best form when tied to democracy, has a place in it for companionate conservatism(I heard that somewhere). I am sure that most of us, if we ever see a large increase in our wealth, will allocate a portion to the poor and it will be done w/o the deductions that governments often include. At my age I still find myself changing my mind on topics and learning. Let us hope that all of us on this site soon become so rich we can make a decision on what to do w/ our millions. - Denver

I'm not sure what companionate conservatism is. I couldn't find an explanation, but I assume it is a blending of left and right values? As in moderate? I'm not sure. I consider myself conservative, but I don't go along with right wing ideology blindly. It is corrupted too. It has been, and probably always will be a plutocracy in this country I'm afraid, with its steaming piles of conflicts of interest. It seems that most governments sway to that side, or an oligarchy, or a horrible combination of the two. This is regardless of their so called economic models.


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