Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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the new jersey politicians passed a bill today that says only union companies can bid on the jobs resulting from hurricane sandy and that our taxpayer money is funding.

Gary, where did you read this? I agree that there should not be resolutions passed that denies anyone from working(union or non-union). I read an article not long after the storm in the New Jersey Star-Ledger by Richard Khavkine entitled Non-union utility crews from out of state work in NJ -power co. Say yes. The article said union workers welcomed the out-of-state non-union workers to work beside them. I was wondering if that changed. Denver

denver, google 'new jersey project labor agreements to include sandy cleanup'.

also, the electric co.'s in new jersey said they welcomed the help,not the rank and file. the companiess admitted the southern help may run into trouble working with the municipal crews.  the alabama company continued on into new york to work.

Thanks Gary. I will check it out. Again, I agree w/you that I do not want any group to be excluded from work for any reason. I would not want to see union workers denied work due to their union affiliation nor would I want non-union workers denied because they decided or were not able to join a union. Again thanks for the info. - Denver

denver, that would make you in favor of right to work .

Gary, I was a union member for 35 years. My father was a coal miner in the late 1930's and then after WWII he was a steel worker/union an until his death I 1969. I remember him coming home once w/his shirt torn off when they were on strike. I am struggling w/ right to work because of my background, but I see the need for fairness in the workplace. I just do not want the "man" (I am a child of the 60's) to take advantage of the worker. By-the-way I hope Scoozie does not use that last sentence to call me a Socialist.

Nice story, your sentence construction is good, good believable points that almost anyone can relate to, has a local twist, most of the people around here were related in some way to the mills from the 70's, we all saw what the meant...good so far, throw in a little age = wisdom hey your almost believeable.

Oh you are...a Socialist/Facist. and Damn proud of it.

i don't want to see the 'man' take advantage of the workers either. i also don't want business in this country turned into something its not in the minds of our children. some may think it extreme but the rhetoric of the left sometimes matches that of the islamists. ''the jews drink childrens blood.''    the republicans want old people to die or eat dog food. ''     very same tactics.

You're so right about the rhetoric-saddest thing is so many people actually believe it.  We were having a discussion with my father-in-law at the truck stop and the young woman behind the counter actually screamed at us that Romney would 'kill us' if he got elected.  She read it so it had to be true.

I am going to finish this pop-tart then hurl in the garbage can to my right...

Denver Gallentine?? Who pays you to write this garbage???

This has to be a professional paid position.

Schmooze, I guess I can take that as a compliment. If so, thanks. I assure you I am a retired school teacher who was fortunate to grow up on a farm and inherit land/oil from a father who worked in a steel mill and owned a farm.
At the fear of making you sick again, I am concerned about your health my friend, I feel any opportunity we have to pay back from money we really did nothing to earn is the correct thing to do. I bet no matter what he says even Rush Limbaugh likes kittens


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