Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Your story is complete and absolute BS.

You are concerned about my health?? And why?

Am I not able to make proper decisions on my own regarding the care of my own family. You must have some sort of insight as to my edjucation and parenting skills that I do not.

Also here's another reason why you are a phony. We dont get Rush Limbaugh up here. Have to go closer to Pgh. for that show.

Farm, retired teacher, veteran, your father...what a joke.



Schoozie, Schoozie, Schoozie, I am confused on the parenting and education thing. Your writing shows you are well educated and I have no idea about you parenting. I have never been told my life's story is an interesting one (especially by my kids). You seem angry because my position is different then yours. I appreciate your position because I learn from it. Like I told Gary I struggle w/ ideas like right to work. My dad often said when talking about ideas concerning religion or politics (which we are not suppose to talk about) if you can show me where I am wrong you will be my friend for life. Schoozie, I am interested in your opinion because if I am wrong straighten me out. If you want to check out my bono fidas google me. I am not that Denver Gallentine in Canton, Ohio. He is a Steeler's fan. I am the Denver Gallentine in New Philadelphia, Ohio who is a proud Browns fan. By-the-way, my ancestors lived in PA for hundreds of years in Fayette Co. Maybe you are my cousin.

To prove your correctness why don't you call a real estate agent today, and sell your family farm, since it all came to you via the parental lottery. Then give all the money to the US Government, meaning 100% of the proceeds of the sale.

Remember you did'nt earn it!!! So when it's gone well then all the better. Was never yours to begin with. Come on Comrade!!! Step up!!


Schoeezie, I guess we have to agree to disagree to disagree as they say. My hope was that we could learn from one-another. I realize that as the years go by circumstances will mold my position on things and because of that I listen to both Ed & Rush. One thing I have learned is when someone resorts to a loud voice and/or name calling he is not wanting to learn from anything or anyone. It usually means he is either losing the discussion or has his mind set (or both). I wish you well. I would enjoy to continue our discussion at any time if it can be one of true idea exchanges. Teach me is the best gift you can give. Good luck - Denver

More BS Story. You pick one of the oldest families in Fayette Co. then attach yourself to it. For credibility...a professional is always prepared.

How is your teachers pension? did you retire at 100% of your salary?

Schoozie, I think I am starting to really like you. First, I am writing like a professional then my family is one of the oldest families in the county. If you are ever near New Phila. Give me a call and we will go out for lunch (if you promise not to punch me). But, we both digress from the original topic. Agree w/ it or not the government raises our taxes when they want. The only recourse you and I have is @ the ballot box.
If you want to discuss teacher pensions let me know on this site and I will give you my email address because I do not want to bore the other people w/ it. Needless-to-say it is not nearly what you assume it is. Again my friend, thank you for the compliments on behalf of all the descendants of Johann Jacob Gallentine

'pay money back from money we really did nothing to earn' is BS!  YOUR father paid for the land, worked his entire life (probably 24/7) just to pay the taxes and upkeep!  So the correct term would be, YOU did nothing to earn it but it is still YOUR right to give the  money as YOU choose, not have it confiscated for redistribution to those who did/do nothing on a daily basis. 

Shame on you for disrespecting your father and not appreciating what he had to do to keep his land, PAY for your socialist education, so you could run around spouting your socialist ideas!

Fine education you got there Denver! 

Linda, because someone has a different view then yours automatically makes them wrong and the enemy. Theodora of a discussion is to share ideas and hopefully learn from one-another, but several on this site appear to brow-beat ideas that do not follow their indoctrination. I have been fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world and when that country asks me to pay back a little I will do it. You are right, my dad literally worked himself to death on the farm and from age 5 until I went to college ( which I paid for myself not paid for) I worked right beside him. The unfortunate thing w/ angry people is they are blinded by that anger to any ideas that do not go in line w/ theirs. And the first response is to yell, call names and close their minds. Lose the anger. You will be a happier person. Like I told Schoozie teach me do not preach or scream at me. If I learn from you you will be my new best friend. If you call me names I probably will not learn from you. Thanks, Denver
I read the article and have some questions concerning it. I have emailed the author and when I get the answers I will post them. From what I read it appears the only people affected are those making $250,000 or more. I am a retired teacher so I am far from that. In Ohio the budget being proposed by the governor includes a 4% additional on all gas/oil holders. The stealing is coming from both parties. The first most dangerous place to stand is between a politician and a mic. The second most dangerous place is between him and a taxable dollar. - Denver

The 3.8% medicare tax starts once a taxpayers income  at the bottom of page 1 (Adjust Gross Income) is above $200,000 for single and $250,000 for married taxpayers and was in the 2010 Affordable Health Care Act.

R. Leo,
A question I asked the reporter was if I make wages of $190,000 and receive royalties of $190,000 am I exempt from this 3.8% tax or do they add the two amts. the reason I ask is I believe if I make a wage it is taxed @ a different rate then money I make on investments. Please excuse my ignorance.

You allready know the answer to that question, hey now write about it like it's a brand new discovery.OMG!! can you believe it.

Repeat, re-inforce, repeat.


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