Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Your post is as far as I have read thru this discusion so far and prior to your post I have never felt as I had wasted that amount of time and the electrons to read the discusion in a worse way.

               Thanks, I'll continue on and hope not to get ill.

Dan, I'm not following what you are saying.

Denver, you are a schoolteacher and don't understand we are a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, no matter how many times our elected crooks spout 'democracy for all'...  We attack and occupy countries and call it 'instilling democracy' when all we do is take out one dictator (who is no longer loyal to us) and replacing them with another, and we put the first one in place too!

This country is so screwed up, that no one is able to keep up with the traitors who lead us. 

We should be free to be prosperous and not feel guilty about it!  We should be free to decide which charity should have our donations!  We do NOT need a statist govt to act like 'god' and make these decisions for us.  Way too many people look at govt as their savior and caretaker!  They've been raised and brainwashed every day to believe it is a 'good thing'!!!!! 

Linda, thanks. This statement was much nicer and I do agree w/ part of it. I do know the difference between a true democracy and a democratic republic. Do I trust 99% of the politicians, NO. The only problem is I do not know a better way. I guess we could all take our oil profits and heavily arm ourself on a mountain top, but is that really the best. Instead how about people like you and Schoozie brain-storm w/ people like me and create a better situation. I offered Schoozie lunch if he came to New phila. And we sat down to talk. I send the same offer to you (no punching me in the nose). - Denver

Schnoozie, its only about politics because your making it about politics.

Its not about you (or any one) having or not having the intelligence to make your own decisions about your Health care.  You should and that is the point.

It is about making health care available to those who can not get access to health care so they can make healthier life decisions...or not.

 Maybe all your friends and family in your life have health care benefits, if they do, that is great. Maybe you have already made millions and HC is nothing for them to worry about. Well great. But many of my friends and family don't. Its a sad state of affairs that cripples their quality of life and potential to be a productive citizen. I am fortunate that I do have decent health care, but it comes at a high cost.

And yes, the G&O is doing exceptionally well, so why cant that be a means of helping to offset the cost of healthcare? Why is that so bad? Its not like G&O is going to take it upon themselves to lower the cost of energy. They just look for ways to keep the cost up so their profits are higher. 

East Coast propaganda machine??  I'm Ohio grown, lived here my entire life. You may find it hard to believe that there are people that live in your neighborhood that don't agree with your sentiment. Obviously though there is a majority based on our elected officials, just not on this web site.  

Lets begin at the beginning then.

Since you fell like writing with envy in your heart and reinforcing the fact that business is greedy and will never do it on thier own, meaning care for others. So they have to be forced.

Answer me this one question.

Why is it that as you say many of your friends and family dont have health care benefits??

Really? you don't know why people don't have access to HC? you must be surrounded by a slue of privileged people. 

Just with the people that I know, there a Multiple reasons depending on the situation.

Pre-existing conditions, cant get reasonable cost of coverage. Diabetes. Epilepsy, Heart conditions, 

Employers don't pay benefits, or lowsy benefits, benefits run out. (especially in rural areas with less competition for employers to hire people)

Cant afford prescription medications (1 friend is $2500 a month for Epilepsy meds). Cant seek alternative treatments because he doesnt have HC. Cant get HC because of existing condition.its endless cycle. 

Lost jobs or inconsistent job . Person can only work when condition isn't impacting daily life.  Leaves benefits only to those who commit to 1 full time company.

Not having access to HC also limits the Entrepreneurial spirit of risk taking. Most people are less likely to take  financial risks because they are worried about giving up HC benefits if they are fortunate enough to have them.

The list goes on.

I've answered your question. Now answer me this, what is so wrong about having a plan that enables all US citizens HC coverage if they choose, and using royalties from resources that we only have access to because we live in a great country that enables average Joes like me to own a piece of the pie?  How many farmers in other countries are turned into millionaires over night because of a natural resource under their soil?  Or does their government own the rights? We are fortunate. we have a moral responsibility to take care of our fellow citizens in the most basic way.

And While we are at it we should put on another 10% tax to pay for Education costs. I'm sure that will get you fired up as well. 


It's very simple.

It's not the governments right to help themselves to what is mine. To pay for what they intentionally broke. Obama was supposed to fix this. Thats what he said he was going to do. Fix the Debt. said he would. Made it worse blamed everyone. Healthcare, this plan will crush businesses and make it more expensive in the long run. Our employee benefit costs have doubled in three years, not gone down. Under Obamacare, they will go higher, not go down....Intentional. Moral responsibility, you talk this!! The first thing our staff said was please don't dump us and put us into into this Obama plan!!

They said they felt helpless, with no choice. And you are asking me to feel good about this??? like it's our obligation. Nice.

Especially for all those with the pre-existing conditions. I pay Higher, not lower. Fact. Fact. Fact. 

If you want a piece of the pie, get off your butt and go earn it.

Two Republican  wars not   paid  for, a  prescriptions plan  jury  rigged  by the Republicans  under George to raise  prices  for  Medicare  not lower them.  The  system will adjust  to  help  all  , just  don't let  the  Republicans  do  anything. They   would let  their  neighbors  die in the  streets  to protect  the  1%. Remember the  47%  paid  taxes  and  fought for the country or are  disabled. Thank God  that  Mitt Romney lost   the election. Talk about a cold  blooded  capitalist. Margellus  is a  wind fall for all including my family. New  found  money. If  3.8%  helps  our  neighbors then  why  cry. Be human  with a  heart.

ah, there it is. 'they would let their neighbors die in the streets...''    you sound just like a jihadist.  

Gary, again, name calling. When you do not have an argument you call names. Let us sanely state that both parties have made spending errors and many politicians are in the pocket of some rich special interest group.lee nor I are not the enemy because we see something in a different light. Calling Lee that derogative term I assume did not make him sit back and say, " Wow, that Gary knows what he is talking about! I think i have just changed my mind!" You did not win a convert. On the other hand when I disagreed w/ you about the NJ hiring only union worker you told me where to go for more info and I found you were right. And you did not even have to call me a name. Thanks. - Denver

how do you argue with that? and why didn't you call him out for saying an idiotic thing like repubs will let their neighbors die n the street? i just pointed out some who use the same tactic.


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