Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Mr. Chuck,

Will my ObamaCare doctor have admitting privileges to New York Presbyterian Hospital?   Like Hillary. will I end up in a City Hospital? I once waited in the ER room, refused treatment by a doctor because it was gunshot, gunshot, stabbing, gunshot, gunshot, stabbing....When an intern finally saw me, the cut could not receive stitches because too much time had passed. I've already been to the future of Obama's HC. 

I like what u have said Chuck M. My problem with going back and forth on here about political things is going into a never ending discussion with no real bottom line. I think we all have our opinions who is to say who is right and who is wrong?
I feel if people don't like this country and what is going on go live where they think it is better. Maybe that is a little harsh but that comes to my mind of thinking. Call me what ever u want but for the most part I love where I live. I am in the middle class drawing ss and my husband is retired to and we r doing the best we can. Do we have an abundance of money, no we don't, but we r free.
This is not your fathers Democratic Party anymore don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country J.F.K. all that free stuff is bankrupting our country.

Which number is higher?

The entire population of Canada and Australia.

Or the number of americans on Food stamps?

I don't believe what u said, Jason,is true. The Clinton plan was working but people don't want to believe that. We were in the black when he left office, after he left it was all downhill from then on. If the wealthy were not given so many tax brakes I don't think we would be in the shape we r in now. After all their profit was made from the little guy and when big business sent big numbers over seas to make our goods they got richer and richer. I believe the wealthy should carry us and pay their fare share. We don't need the burden put on our backs (little people). Also if congress would vote to agree and send us forward instead of bickering and more bickering maybe we could get back on our feet.
On the subject of O & G I would like to see what is happening in that instead of turning this into a political dissagreement. People who want to talk about politics find another place that is set up to talk about it.

a broken record

U would say that Schnoozie!

Ms. Dorothy,

You mentioned that you are retired and on Social Security. If you knew how many people were drawing on SSI in NYC alone, you would faint in the shower!

Mis Luana
My husband was out of his job on SSD. For 11yrs and we had 5 children to finish raising and to put through college. (3 back surgeries). We were very gratefull for all the programs that at that time were there to help us complete raising our children and educating them in college. We r now on ss and gratefull for that also at this time. By the way he did go back to his old job after improvement to his back but they bought a new kind of instrument to help do his job it did not help him. His back started acting up and he switch to a new job there but they closed it down and moved it to Mexico!! He was forced to retire on We have had r share of hard times for sure. We r now hoping for G&O to come through for us and all others to benefit from it also.

Ms. Dorothy,

You seem like you are coming from an innocent and deserving place. If you saw the fraud, waste and poverty pimping that Social Security Disability and  SSI programs generate, you would be as cynical as I. 

Should you be fearful that your G&O land produces too much for you, that you and the industry are taxed into an unreasonable corner?  That is not the America my immigrant grandfather came to...

You also mentioned Clinton. Well Clinton was the one that put my industry out of business. Ron Brown his Secretary of Commerce sold quotas to all their political friends. Instead of Americans manufacturing here, we all just complained that our jobs were going overseas. Americans could no longer afford America. And Clinton's friends became wealthy selling access to their quotas.  To win his second term, Clinton hired Republican Dick Morris, and presented welfare reform policies.

America can produce it's own energy, safely on it's own land. Energy independence, needs capitalism. Not Government taxing it to death.  OK now I'm done. 

The reason I say this is because it's irrelevant to make a point or cite something that was done 10-15, 20 years ago and apply it to today.

Clintons record, I dont care. Bush's, care even less, Regans, I was in grade school. I don't care. they all don't matter today in 2013.

Just like we saw a Zero temp this morning and school delays, crappy drive into work.

We have to face what is in front of us

Dorthy, today..the Government is coming for an extra 3.8% of something that is not theirs, it's mine.

Dorthy...where are the fast and furious documents? Why wont the government let any media outlet have access to the 35 Bengazi attack survivors? Where is all the money from the 50 billion Obama threw out the window to his friends at the phony Solar Companies? Seriously? Where is it? Why is our Govt. stockpiling lethal hollowpoint ammo?? They are. Why?

My point with all of this is if you believe the threshold is 250,000 then you are a fool.



All I see is the last word "Fool". My parents taught me to not say derogatory remarks to people. They get u nowhere U need to make a point that doesn't belittle others.


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