Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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It's a fact.

The Govt. will come for our royalties soon enough at an income level of 50,000 not 250,000 as stated in Obamacare.

The reason is becasue they spent all the other money, and there isnt any left to spend. Anyone who can hold a calculator and has a working index finger can understand this.

Again u relate to people's brain power.

hahaha. carrying us and paying their fair share are two different things. and clinton had a repub congress, the only time we've been in the red .  clinton signed welfare reform that the repub congress put out there. obama gutted it. the progressives in government, dems and rino's, forced banks to lend money to people who couldn't pay it back. and bush ,the progressive, jumped on that bandwagon in 2005. the governemnt is at fault for not enforcing s.e.c.regulations and keeping banks and investment entities in line.   ''there is nothing wrong with fannie and freddie''. barney frank said that.  we were also attacked by the islamists on our own land.that was a huge economic  hit for america and bush ,almost as his administration started.  conservative policies would not have led to the economic meltdown .also i remember clinton stopping the drilling in alaska,saying,''  that oil won't be able to help us for ten years...'    well its thirteen now. thanks bill.

Here we go again class warfare, the evil rich don't pay their fair share of taxes. California's economy is in the tank because its left wing politicians bankrupted the state & many folks are leaving for conservative Texas.
Well said. Good for u Lee. Seems I am a little late in replying. I had to get off of here when people started slinging mud and name calling. I don't think it is the intention of who ever started this g&o info to become what seems to be happening. Just my thoughts.
Well I guess the bright side is as long as the federal Goverment is wanting to tax the royalty income maybe they won't just nationlise our private property and just take it from us. Iam sure any polls token in the large cities would support that hu?

Given the current course we are on I see no other outcome.

This is the end game of Obamacare.

Govt. Insurance, then Govt. Providers. then Govt. Doctors then Govt. Nurses. then full Govt. support staff all about control.

I have said this many times, first Utica well that blows up in Ohio, does not matter who is at fault.

The DOE will rush in with an Executive Order signed from a pleasant screened in porch in Hawaii by Obama before the Auto Pen ink is dry, and the whole show is over.  

Think it through.

Scnoozie, its unfortunate our president has created more food stamps than jobs.

If you want to get Political which I don't, in all fairness we should mention our So Called Conservative Governor Corbet tried to take 100,000.00 over 4 years off a Marcellus and Utica shale well as and environmental impact fee.  As a Federal Attorney I was poised to be the first to sue him as unconstitutional but I didn't have to as someone immediately beat me to it.  He also told townships that they should try to get their share too with fines and fees etc. Nice Guy! 

Environmental impact should come from an Insurance Bond not some Governor who probably saw dollars to illegally balance his state budget. I would have through the book at the guy the first time I saw moneys used for that.

Just thought you should know I didn't want to talk politics and I'm and I'm a independent Presidential Candidate for 2016.  I would make Fracking safe with premium cementing processes assisted by the Government if that's what it takes to protect our water.

I would also stop letting these JP Morgan types wanting to export all our resources in the name of calling that energy independence.  Right now with a loophole their selling your federal lands Coal cheap to China to destroy our jobs. I'm going to attempt to stop that loophole real soon.

If you really want to know who to blame for the countries fall look up JP Morgan and the depression, terrorism, etc and the law to stop it they rolled back to do the exact same thing again.  I want these people systematically dissolved without harming the country and world and then jailed. They are too intertwined into the worlds currencies and all the food stamps etc. They may own GE who owns the entire Media

I know the truth. I am a Cancer survivor my life centers around truth and being accountable as a man of God not trying to lie to my Countrymen etc. By the way my name is Robert Sandera I'm pretty easy to find through Google.

Mr. Sandera,

If you put Corzine in jail, you have my vote!

The only way our Country will ever be cleaned up is to destroy all judicial and executive immunities.  I'm willing to sign the order to destroy my own pre day one.  That means everyone Else's will be gone too you'll see crooked politicians leave the country running for the hills.

It makes me mad these people destroy anything that help you and me average man. They spent money to keep CFL light bulbs off the market for 15 years because they were vested elsewhere.  Sounds like a mafia to me! I'm developing home electricity devices and high mileages and hydrogen powered cars they hate my guts.

 I built the Perkins engine in the Moodymobile of Ralph moody and mike Shetley in 1978 105 MPG Diesel. Was supposed to go in all the mail jeeps till guess what relative of W's came along. Car featured in many magazines vanished more than 3 times. Was even driven to Washington with a Congressman saying he drove it and it works.


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