Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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 I understand your distaste with political comments. However, this specific discussion is titled "3.8% of Oil and Gas Royalties for ObamaCare". That opened the door for political comment. There are numerous other discussions on this website that have no political element. The Stop Following button at the beginning of the page offers you the option to abandon this discussion. Feel free to use it. Political comment has its place in any thorough discussion of the business of oil and gas since the impact of political leaders like Barack Obama is more significant to the future  of oil and gas in our Country than all the rest of the issues discussed on this website.

I think there is general agreement among those interested in the development of our greatest natural resource that Barack Obama is not a friend of the oil and gas industry. We should expect to hear comments to that effect and endeavor to tolerate them when they are posted in the proper discussion pages on this forum.

I can tell you guys are not getting this I am not getting though to you. I've worked for free for the Government for over 24 years and knew everything about it now. Democrat democrat Republican Republican.  This was a planned collapse by the same people that did the exact same thing twice before. I told people close to me everything including 911 in advance before all this happened.  They laughed and said I was crazy and later said how did you know.

They rolled back the act to prevent them and bam same depression they bankrupted the U.S. in  the 30's then loaned money back to them and effectively bought off the entire government so party's don’t even matter.  Why do you think I am running for President?  I am the only guy with the guts to get shot at and wipe out every immunities including my own and reinstate the Constitution and every right and tear down every barrier around the white house Bush put up and start dragging people to jail and they can all sue me and sort it out later. Money does not faze me I can't be bought.

The reason the law was written to create a bankrupted post office from  a profitable one was because it was the last form of media dissemination they had NO PRIVATE CONTROL over. That means people like me would never stand a chance at a Presidency because they own the satellites are the defense contractor control the internet and the entire media Globally and if there is any corporation they don’t own their GE company controls it by floor plans and financing.  The Bible states the ENTIRE INHABITED EARTH IS BEING MISLED BY THE WICKED ONE.

You got that right because they have the power of mind control by being vested in all world currency and owning all world media.  Ask yourself how does one company run the entire world and food stamp program etc. I wasn't a believer in the Devil till after I had Cancer and was shown God and Heaven is real. I am not afraid and have the balls to clean it up and fry people.

Many of those poor paid loans for over ten years till their job was outsourced so how is it their fault?  I was one of them because I was ill and my credit was mediocre and the Pakistanis started getting all my work forcing me to lower prices lower and lower till I said no I'll wait it out now.

Bush was a piece of Garbage his family destroyed this countries energy fixes since the 80s I know because I was a Victim of it.  Go look up the Mike Shetley Ralph Moody Moodymobile. I know what that engine is because I was there and have one. We leaned the original  car to 84 MPG city 105 MPG highway IN 1978. Do yourselves a favor and sheetcan your ties to the parties that refuse to tell you that engine was to be in all the mail jeeps till that Bush family came along. They also screwed bin laden out of 1.5 million on an oil deal and also hired his family to rebuild the damage we did by paying them Americans taxes. Accept the truth or shut up.  I'm here to fix the Country I don’t give a dam about Republicans or Democrats I give a Dam about Americans and America it manufacturing base etc.  The problem we have is JP Morgan sold this Country off to China and nobody can understand that but ask yourself this why do filthy rich in  America own nuclear weapons to defend their homes? What kind of power do they have over the government that we would allow that? This was not a political forum and I really don’t want to ,make it one but you people need to know the truth. Unless we do the things I say there never will be the recovery that the people want no matter who's elected. And just for your information Obama care as people want to call it was written in  1993 by insurance companies and 13 Republicans mandating it then charging its unconstitutional.  They should all be in jail for what they did. Do your homework and you'll find I only tell the truth but because I refused to pay GE millions of dollar to be on  the news I got swept under the rug.  Strange how when I do hold a political rally everybody says hell yes this is the guy we want. My allegiance is to the man above not some stupid corrupted political party or entity because they are the people that brought us where we are today. I ran a 15 year investigation into the government federal and state and know what the hell I'm talking about. If somebody wants to remove this post fine I'll post it right on my site because I know it's the dam truth.

REMEMBER: Nobody 'takes your power away' - you 'give it away'.

RIGHT is RIGHT & wrong is wrong. 'A = A' & 'B = B'.

You 'are what you are' when 'no one is looking' & you are what you are when EVERYONE is 'looking'.

Do right, Do right, Do right - even 'if the stars fall'.

As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.

-----------------USParty - GG 8/20/2005

The ‘US’ Party is the ‘United States’ Party. It is built on the backround of every individual in this vast, rich, unencumbered great land. It is a perpetuated continuation of the great legacy as well as individual right as well as responsibility endowed to every person who strives and chooses to encompass this grand land. The ‘rights’ we are all blessed with, and are responsible to (no matter in what vast or small ways) are OURS to nourish and keep. If they are ‘maintained’ –that is the way they shall be…if they are ‘destitute’ –that is the way they shall be. Everything everyday is ours to ‘create’ in this country. Individual maintenance begins with the heart, your heart. YOU must choose for yourself how you shall ‘tend your garden’: this will ultimately dictate (to the whole ‘end-all’) the ‘core’ that is seen on the outside by ALL involved. The beauty of this great land—and for the world overall--is that YOU CAN CHOOSE. It is a free decision by you, for you. You will be what you shall be when ‘no one is looking’ as well as when ‘everyone is looking’ (because what you are on the ‘inside’ comes out in action and deed on your ‘outside’ –for everyone to see: what people ‘see’ and how you treat them –this is REAL LIFE, and this is what these ‘United States’ are built out of.) This is the CORE of ‘US’. 


You are free to chose your ‘conduct’ in this life. You will do ‘a’ or ‘b’ or ‘c’ or ‘d’. All choices will create a ‘path’ not only for yourself, but also for everyone, everywhere who ‘knows you’, and even those who do not know you. Every day is full of choices. Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction. This is not just a ‘scientific’ theory. Go clear back to Adam & Eve –their decision ‘dictated’ to the world it’s ultimate ‘choice state’, but every day we can ‘right wrongs’ with our individual actions. Your one and multiple varioUS decisions create a WHOLE for society. My action will not be your action, nor do I want it to be…likewise, I do not wish for your action to be mine: BUT, I do not wish that your or my wrong decisions to ‘ripple effect’ into each other, unless they are positive…. Ultimately, RIGHT is right, WRONG is wrong…their ‘ripples’ can be clear and beautiful –or they will ‘muddy the water’. I thirst after clear, clean, good water for all: thus the ‘US’ Party for All. Know that I am not perfect, as I do of you. All I know is how I wish to conduct myself. Like a ‘Human Being’. I am a human being. You are a human being. To have ‘rights’ is to have ‘freedom’, and WITH FREEDOM COMES RESPONSIBILITY. Joined all together in this menagerie are ‘we’—so our ‘responsibility’ is to be ‘free’, and ultimately enjoy this luxury.


No matter 'what side of any fence', YOU as a person - will show forth.

In the case of G/O...there needs to be ENDEAVOR to make sense for all. Everything CAN make a difference in HOW we all deal with each other ON AmeriCAN soil.

We CAN make a difference - right here, right now in every way. I am you - you are the sense of MAKING SENSE of matters concerning $$$, clean water, G/O profits...there is always a 'meet in the middle' - even if it doesn't want to be taken.

Just like with the fissures that get fracked to release the gas & oil from their pressurized holds - we need to be open minded enough so that we CAN profit wisely & productively of AmeriCAN endeavor is the highest capacity.


There is alls a better way - we SEEK a better way. We did it once, very well as AmeriCANs...we CAN & DO 'remake ourselves, everyday - in EVERY WAY. ENDEAVOR.

***As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness.

God Bless our AmeriCAN DREAM! - for ALL! I need to state, because unfortunately, there can misunderstood 'interpretation' of these small expressed thoughts They are not 'large, important thoughts'...but what exactly DOES happen when a fracked well gets 'flared'/burn off of excess gas?

How HOT does the water become due to a 'frictional state' through the FORCING of it through the casing to area to be FORCED OPEN?

***Has anyone had the thought that everyone has an 'endgame' in mind? WHAT will be a 'meeting/compromise/solution' to the problem?

PROBLEM being x3 fold...

*G/O Co. - wants to get 'product' out of the ground as quickly & efficiently as possible to THEN become profitable (one can never argue with a profit...)...

*Landowner - wants the 'profit', but often doesn't mentally grasp the 'well problematics' involved UNTIL it's 'too late', even though they are benefiting financially...what the 'land' is undertaking is many times - dramatically traumatic.

*Existential Elements - This includes LAND, Flora & Fauna, as well as individuals in the vicinity of a well drilling site that IS affecting like they were not before. i.e. 'what has changed, what has stayed the same'...simple to comprehend once able to envision in this manner.


This is the introduction from the book Phenomena, by John Michell a...

As one light lights another, nor grows less - so nobleness enkindles nobleness. ENDURANCE.

We ALL need to come to grips with FINDING A SOLUTION.

*Is a solution to stop drilling - absolutely not!

* Is a solution in figuring out how to better appease the landowner & surrounding circumstances?

THAT would probably be the most endearing & beneficial endeavor that could be first, contemplated...and then secondly - ACTED UPON. THAT in 'endeavor'

.Chesapeake Has a New Chief: Is It Time to Buy? (CHK)

ok all i can say is i am so sick and tired of everyone blaming Obama for taxes. come on people learn about your government and taxes are written buy your congress then ratified by your senate and finally signed (if not vetoed, ignored by your president). it then becomes law. so if you want to blame the president thats fine but really you need to blame the entire government not just him and that mean BOTH sides of the isle.

CG I am a man that beat esophageal cancer inside the junction of my stomach which is like impossible to beat. Don’t think a day goes by that I don't attribute being alive because I am trying to keep the promises I made to God. It brought me to increasing my Bible studies and I work with every church not just one kind. God gave us rights I feel we are born with and no man should have a right to take away. Even the abortion issue my answer is well the person should establish a relationship with God and decide do they want to engage in something that could get held against them in their judgment day but on the other side not have any government force you to do something. For me I believe those things are real.

Tony I don’t have a problem with paying taxes and if 3.8 percent meant all my fellow Americans didn’t die without care in an ER I don’t have a problem with it. If somebody said you have to pay 1000.00 but everything in the country would be great again I'd say here's your 1000.00. I am a total independent. I am so tired of hearing tax arguments and  that " it's going to get worse our money won't be worth crap" for the last five years. That may have been true if the country was run the way the public thought it was run buts it's not. I'm starting to believe the tax base may have never even mattered the people at the top just paid for the country they wanted.  In the 80s I was a Democrat that voted for Reagan's first term believing in all my Presidents. His second term I already despised him but then later admitted he did a lot of good with Russia and his long term trickle down plan worked so I was ok with him. But the auto industry in Michigan unemployment was 18 percent and interest on personal loans over 15 percent his first term so I hate it when Republicans act like it never happened and he was their God.

Ya used to think you voted for the man not the party. I never even cared about the parties then and when I did work I volunteered and worked 90 hr shifts. I talk about not badmouthing Presidents on my website because I view it as a waste of time and energy that accomplishes nothing. I didn't like W and knew some of his history but I didn’t go out bitching about him every day either. I don’t care for his whole families ties to this industry and was shocked when they broke every well during Katrina and cared less about production while gas was a record 16.70 cause a few well moorings allegedly broke loose. I faxed a letter to Texas to Range and made sure they read it and they could have cared less about losing millions because their stock market games were making billions. I probably got shorted out of over 36000.00 from that issue.

What we have today is a problem and it's not the poor peoples fault as the rich would like you to believe. They have a way they take all payrolls deductions and everything their supposed to pay invest it offshore then take a foreign loan against it and pay themselves with the loan and say that’s not income so pay zero in taxes.  Is that fair to the rest of us NO. I was working on efficiency systems for my home and car engines to work with Ford and GM to create a jobs plan similar to Henry Fords innovations accomplished. 100s of millions of jobs.

I accidentally realized one day hey what the hell and I pushing for as I now have totally free electricity from an efficiency system I built that recharges itself. That happened because there was a short in my house we couldn’t find and I found it now it only happens when the roof dripped on some old sheathed wiring. The electric company burned me 2300.00 for running a computer and two 26 watt florescent bulbs and a refrigerator and a stereo.  I don’t need a pump as I have a free flowing spring. So I began an off grid house and was ready for them. They said good luck with that the Kardashian's and Hershy's are buying all the electric companies to make everybody's bill 500 a month.  That’s what they actually said. A year later they begged me to turn the power back on saying they could get help to get it on for free I said no that’s alright you screwed me once that was enough.

What all this meant is for under 1000.00 I can show people how to run their entire home off one solar panel. I studied electronics one time thanks to my buddy showing me the NRI institute. Now I am the only man in the world with American technologies to obsolete the world as I can create 220 and 440 single and three phase from a solar panel.  I can also create fuel from the sun to drive gasoline cars.  My problem I'm faced with now The government collects a lot of tax on utilities and energy. JP Morgan owns the government.

They murdered Nicolas Tesla trying to give the world free electricity. They funded him and when found out what he was doing defunded him and he had a note crumpled in his hand that’s said "I've been poisoned." Tesla was a genius of all time and responsible for much of what we have today Radio, ac voltage, cell phones etc. Morgan defunded him and tried to patent that they owned all electricity through their GE company.

All the tax talk comes down to, do we want  to accept the propaganda that there isn't enough doctors etc and deny our people health? Cleveland clinic serves the entire world and you can have the most sophisticated appointment test tomorrow so it all was BS. What we really probably need in America is one flat tax that would probably be under 12 percent and all the other ones could go away. Back in the 80s in my Perkins Engine days I got one sheet of paper from John Hancock ins paid in full. Etna dental same thing. Now it's nothing but an argument and billing companies in Arizona you don’t even know if the doctor they charge for even seen you the entire system is a mess.

I was actually for Obama care because I said they need to eat this for pulling this on him. Our government does not enforce many of its bad laws anyway so if there are bad parts that’s what I expect will happen.

I lost my prejudices one day when I was burned in an explosion and drove myself to the hospital and ran out of gas. A cop left me screaming covered in blood in the middle of the road in the middle of the night and three weeks later a nurse lift up the sheet to see the IV sewn in my foot and said your "White" I said why does it matter? It did to her cause she treated me bad up till that point. If it's important to people to blame and use n words like most of my friends are back to doing I just let it go out the other ear but think to myself ya know God shown me he is real and its his call only to pass judgment but I wouldn’t want to be an evil person because of what biblical history showed during the old testament.

I realize many don't believe but that’s partly the governments fault pushing an evolution theory they knew was false. There is evidence of Biblical story's are true they hide. Our capital was used by Thomas Jefferson as a Church but then he started to collect story's out of the Bible creating the God he wanted not the one it talked about.  It's been downhill ever since.  I don’t know the answers now or if everything will heal and recover. I do know as a Presidential candidate I created many plan scenarios that work with what is available to us today and not borrowing money but nobody even wants those heard because they can't take credit.

Right now I can see Rand Paul is pretty much thinking he's going to be the man in 2016.  If I get the backing I'm after and a motor home to travel the Country I will absolutely floor all the other candidates and take the job for free, just have I have always done.

One of the things I believe needs done that people don’t understand. Jeffrey Immelt CEO of GE who I was calling Obama's boss for awhile said the USA needs a repatriation tax that it claws back corporate dollars from other country's USA businesses set up in.  He said it should probably be 25 percent.  People complain to me corporate tax on small business and family operations are 39 percent with some paying up to 50 percent. After WW2 people paid 92 percent because they had pride and wanted their country rebuilt prosperous. What I would like to propose is 25 percent American corporate tax with 39 percent repatriation tax for leaving investing in other countries populations and for the small guy or family business cut his down to under 18 percent and get off his back because he often does service with honor to his country and fellow man.

People don’t realize any time they buy that Toyota or other foreign product they support that country even if its made here. How is it tiny Japan is one of the richest economy's in the world?  Off Americans backs that's how.  We have got to start using our heads.  Ford has shown a lot of interest in me and I have a letter to finish to them. A couple things I want to do a USA only internet where spammer attackers go to jail. Thal Lee Brono a Californian Asian attacked my web company with 25000 spam emails a week. The USA only net would cater to advertising all American business invest here spend here keep it here employ here and build quality like we used to have and enforce our laws here.

The other thing is some sort of American manufactures union where workers promote the companies product made in America and companies treat the workers as a great dedicated family so we all support each other advertising by word of mouth etc. Same thing make it here keep the money here prosper and gain here and people have pride. I realize there are problems with many poor bilking the system but so do the middle class. My buddy gets paid 3500 a year not to farm.  He doesn’t know anything about farming he wouldn't farm anyway. Other have said their brothers became millionaires off the same program. We also give Pakistan 20 billion a year for what to attempt to buy our friends form people that hate us. Many of the poor's programs effectively brought down crime rates because a lot of them are like the mentally ill. I remember the late sixties my dad taking me into Cleveland for my birthday to look at tent campers being sold off cheap.  What's that dad oh a black guy with a gun to a guy's head robbing a gas station.  You would see more than one.

I don’t have a problem with Obama other then I know he lacked experience and I think he should be working hard every day until the employment crises is over. He didn't have the experience as I did and doesn't know how to fry some of the crooks in government with their own games. I've offered help only to recive a picture of him and his family. I don’t like the guy because I feel we are losing but the fact is everyone should be at the table hashing things out till there is REAL feel able progress made. I do have a problem with the republican party because they have become so dirty and evil some of them even quit.

Right now because of a law a group of them wrote I am back to not having a family doctor to take care of my prescriptions from problems from cancer surgery.  My intestine twist as I have a new stomach under my left lung. They wrote a law in 13 states claiming it was to get prescriptions out of schools and what it does is terrifies and harasses doctors with the DEA that write for pain medicine.  I may be going national news on this soon naming names and pointing fingers.

I wrote an EBook to release on the POS Eric Cantor was at it again trying to wipe out the working mans time and a half for overtime saying oh we'll give them a day off instead.  I was that working man and my entire life almost have never worked less than 60 hrs a week as a Machinist. I've owned and own several businesses I've built but there on standby because of my doctor problem. They keep jerking my chain. Cantor also is on a you tube video basically training people how to drive gas prices up with wall street calling them "world leaders" He's scum and I told the newspaper last time I was mulling over a anti-campaign against him.  They took out 10 laptops in less than 3 months trying to silence me.  Next time I'll be ready and have the entire Postal Service behind me. 

I've gotten senators thrown out of office before and I'll do it again. My biggest problem is peoples allegiance to a party people like to yell and point fingers liberal, conservative. I am a realist and the fact is certain things from both parties are good for this country but they are never used in the fashion they are talked about or promoted for etc.  All they want is power and power to engage in unlimited crime.

I spent 258 days incarcerated and beat the hell out of because of a crooked judge and prosecutor and atty. The crime, I sent a girl I didn’t know some flowers and asked her to lunch which she said yes by the way but her boss apparently wanted in her pants. Doctors know the way my cancer came about didn’t have to happen things were done intentional to destroy my health care and the result was an ulcer so big it turned cancerous. Their actions also caused me to suffer being ill for over 14 years not identifying a parathyroid tumor they believe gave me the cancer. So I guess you could say I'm not afraid to tell the public the truth and say I'm one of you but I have legal experience and look what they did to me and imagine what would happen to someone who couldn’t legally fight back. 

I filed 600 million dollars in federal civil rights suet's in Michigan in that case. I wouldn’t care if I had to give all the money to the boys and girls clubs of America to help youths.  I just think the people should be exposed and punished and the way the civil rights law is written that’s how it's done because they pull this immunities garbage that they don’t go to jail for crime. Not under my administration.  I'll have someone grab them by the back of the neck and shag them to jail and say ahh we'll sort it out later the way they do to average man.  IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. If it doesn’t I expect at some point we'll see the coming of Christ because the evil will rise so high we'll be killing each other. I won't be because I have something not everyone has FAITH.

The cancer I had kills most people within months.  I found the American Cancer Society takes kickbacks on Chemo and the entire industry may be fraud.  I had none of that only my stomach removed and that was it. I did see an oncologist though and he said my cancer was new and so small they couldn’t see it on a cat scan so I wouldn’t get chemo. Thank God I would never take it after what I know now. At the time I questioned that because I was like where is the doctor right after surgery he got on a plane to Africa. You start to wonder if your body parts were marketed to others. I have since made up with that doctor though after I almost bled to death from one Advil at bedtime. I took it with food but ate the food first and it went down and stuck and burned a hole over a blood vessel. I woke up throwing up quarts of blood. How nice. I have a picture of the alligator clip Cleveland Clinic put pinching the hole shut to heal.  That place is amazing.

I originally started posting back here because I'm sure you guys get ripped by bad legal advice. Find an attorney everyone is happy with Harry White in Meadville was a pretty strait up guy that will talk to you. Shetroma knew oil and gas law but got hired away by them. Joe Altimear in Titusville had 35 yrs experience but retired on the 7 million in atty fees for the 28 million suet he won against Range Resources fraud.  The problem all you guys have is they will only give so much so what you have to do is select like 5 things that are the very most important to you and go after those. For me that would be well head gas price if over my allotment of free gas, water test and protection, land restoration, owning the well buying it for scrap should they decide to pull it, and how I am paid look for tricks how they can delay payment.  All Range payments are paid 3 months after the gas is sold. So you always have 2 months of credit coming. Contaminated water is a hot issue because I found after the first year or two they excuse themselves. A bad cement job can allow pressure to erode and get gas into the water table.  My buddy owns a chemical paint factory and tells me it takes one quart of oil to contaminate five miles of water. I have perfect spring water here that is more important to me than any gas payment as it would actually sell for more than gas.

I just don’t want to see any of you guys taken advantage of and have your farms messed up that you have to deal with it the rest of your life. My dad had a farm they polluted and killed a large swath of trees dumped everything everywhere and then left after 3 months.  Their all dead now. They had drawings to put wells everywhere so you couldn’t have even farmed. The farm I have I camped at since I was 10 years old. Allot of people know it and offer to buy it so I protect it with my life if necessary. It was a beautiful place like a national park with streams and valleys and springs and ponds and trails etc just awesome.

 I'm trying to make it even better breeding landscape plants spreading them everywhere and growing extra food for the deer and animals etc. I made my promises to God and promised him I'd try to spread his love. It bums me out to see any American in argument politically or otherwise. I told my 92 year old dad I said dad I may be poor now from the cancer I had but I'm happy and every day I say man it’s a wonderful day I am alive nobody died I didn't lose my leg or a pet etc and you know what I believe God hears me and is helping me in a massive way.

I have buddies making 50 times the money I have and they are miserable thinking things will return to them the way they were.  We all have to be real. Find your happiness in your families and run with it.  This life is too short but I honestly believe is a learning experience to make it to the next one. I am uncovering a lot of biblical evidence so I say well if that’s true why would any of it be a lie. I don’t believe it is, I think its exact truth. I love all you guys man because Jesus himself gave an ultimate commandment and told me to. My Country is my local community and elected or not I constantly work for the betterment of all of us and present things to the government I believe we used to have.

And CG the lease problem you have is kind of specific that a atty would probably have to read the old lease compared to the new and see what they are after. Confront them and tell them what you want out of that old lease put into any new lease.  If your paid your full 12.5 percent on shallow leases I would fight to keep that as un-unitized shallow drilling top certain depths because otherwise other people are paid for your gas. Deep well Marcellus and Utica well may have to be unitized but what I would like to know is are any of you guys happy getting payments of like 35000.00 from being part of a shale well. A un-unitized well here in Guys Mills paid as high as 4500.00 a month but they generally blow strong for close to a year in new areas then dwindle down. Amish are ripped off paid 30.00 a month for 3 unitized wells combined that’s insane. They had all kind of schemes going to drive prices up that I was fortunate to benefit from but the Day Obama was elected they immediately dropped to Bill Clinton rates of 3.00 I believe because they were afraid of something.  Investigations maybe I don’t know. People out here though gained a 8 year run of prices from 6-9-12.00 so many cleaned up. Only problem is people think that will last and it doesn’t. I expect some day see Chesapeake to fall to an Enron scandal. Just from stuff I read maybe I'm wrong who knows. All I know is the world of energy is very complex for the average man. It's not fair the way they are treated. Most of our wells here are around 5800 ft on the permits but I don’t know as I was told they drilled through the Marcellus but one night late filmed and watched them pulling pipe like crazy.

I'm over Marcellus and Utica according to maps and they told me my hill changing elevation 50 ft per year that they never seen before. The pipe perforation guy told me they found gas at 1000 ft. Range said oh no we would never frack anything like that. The well behind my valley was so big it had to run 6 inch pipe for a year and it erupted spit 600 ft of two inch pipe back out. The first well that started this I went back and checked how it came out and you could feel the ground shaking. When they fracked this well and opened it to put 2 inch pipe in it sounded like a 747 crashed on my back porch. I was knapping and about had a heart attack. Workers said you own this you didn’t unitize man you got these guys right by the balls. I got offered my farm for free and said no. They were in their trucks with ear muffs holding their ears I ran up the hill ducking down thinking something exploded. Welcome to Northwest Pennsylvania one of the richest oil and gas supplies of the country. Get treated right for it. Sorry for the long post but now you guys know. Have a great day and enjoy yourselves today. I am because I feel I won against cancer working on 8 years healthy now. I'm 54 if I get 10 more good years I'll probably be ecstatic.


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