Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Kathleen, All I can say is WOW!!

Nice rant. But it was not long enough to make people here forget what my original question to you was.

So here I will ask it again:

Yes or no, on the fast and furious documnets, should they all be released. All of them including the redacted ones. Today, let us see them all.

why isn't that an EASY to answer, Kathleen?    Don't people have the right to know if our govt. are gun-runner, and who knew, and why it ok for the govt to run illegal games while the rest of us must tow the law.

No rant, I will not argue.
I have an opinion on the topic of this thread and stated it.
I have no interest in debating fast and furious.
Why is it that Liberals who are so adamant about defending Roe vs Wade have no problem allowing Obamacare to trample all over our right to privacy?

Most likely many of the same reasons (excluding fear) that everyone allowed the Patriot Act to erase 200+ years of many of our freedoms.

3.8% tax is being applied to top earners for capital gains too. Still, it would be better, as you said.

I don't like paying it.
Don't know anybody who does.
But let's think what it goes for-health care.
Currently Medicare and Medicaid expenditures exceed defense spending, and almost anything other federal expenditure. It is being charged to our children and grandchildren.
Doesn't seem fair to me.

Someday (soon) I'll be on Medicare. If after deductions I am earning over $250K per year, I guess it's okay to kick in 3.8% of my natural gas royalties.

If it were true 3.8%... if you make over 250,000 it's still unaccepable.

I believe it's a setup. There is no way a cleverly worded feel good paragraph will ever make me feel comfortable with this. It will be 3.8% and a Federal Tax regardless of your income soon enough.

You must have all you need.

Attempting to convince anyone that this is just "good policy" is Socialisim.

I doubt seroiusly that you have land in Western Pa., or are an employer.


Right.  Don't remember seeing anything that actually says who that 3.8 will go to or if it will actually go for healthcare, just like the new tax on property sales over $750,000.  Everybody I talk to has already seen their ins premiums go up significantly and no end in sight.

"But let's think what it goes for-health care."

No, it doesn't.  It goes to health insurance which is decidedly different than care.  This was a windfall for insurance companies because deep down Obama is just as much of a corporate lackey as every other politician.


I know this is probably not the forum to vent so if this bothers people i apologize in advance I am 53 yrs old and have worked at the same job for 34 yrs. (and part time jobs on the side)And yes i am lucky but i took one of those jobs people laughed at back then. I have worked hard and earned everything i have. I never took cash-for-clunkers,  paid my credit cards off, made all my mortgage payments, etc, etc etc, and never ran up debt that i didn't take RESPONSIBILITY for. I've watched people take voluntary layoffs so they could hunt all winter, go back to work in the spring so they could do it all over again the next fall. Why would anyone take a job when the entitlements received now reach $30,000/yr? I'm helping to pay for this and now some business CEO's are proposing raising SS and medicare to 70 yrs. of age. R U SERIOUS? Is that what we have become that you raise the age so high you croak before you collect to make them solvent? And i don't buy the we-are-all living longer adage. Longevity and Quality of life are not the same thing. They want us to work over fifty years so we can collect benefits for a few years and then get placed in a nursing home being fed 15 pills a day till your savings run out!! If our leaders wouldn' have taken SS out of the trust fund and put into the general fund in 1969 we would have the biggest interest bearing checking account in the history of the world. Now they have stolen it all. Why don't they pay that money back and start there? And instead of scaring older people that they won't get thier benefits if debt ceiling is not raised, how about they don't get paid till they do thier damn jobs!!!!! or term limits!! Everything will come to an end when they run out of other peoples money!


Phew!!  now i feel better :)  Sorry for the rant. It just pisses me off


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