I was wondering  if anyone may be able to answer-We signed a lease that stipulated 600+ acres were in the division orders for a particular pad we have property close to.The same gas company sent a different set of division orders to be signed when another well pad a bit farther away started to produce.My question is:the original pad that our lease was tied to has a couple of its wells producing that we receive royalties on.Should we receive a new set of division orders to be signed or is the original lease the official division order for this well pad?I think the second pad increased their royalty area to over one thousand acres.Thank you in advance.

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If they are different units you should receive another division order.  If they are in the same unit I would think you'd still receive another division order if the new well was not part of the original division order, but I am not certain.

Thank you for your response.It makes a lot of sense,


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