A year ago there was very little if any real activity pertaining to leasing in Venango County. Things have really changed in the last year.  There have been some set backs, but things generally are moving in the right direction.   There have been leases signed, numerous testings, anda few wells drilled.  I think it is important to stay positve and be wary of negative information that has no fact base.  As landowners, such information cannot help anyone.

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good advice, Venango county will be a new boom town in 2013

CAFFEY GROUP???? = Petrohawk+ RAM+BHP+HALCON/Floyd Wilson???  Whats your thought people of the recent group in Venango County??  (Caffey Group)

Do not think Caffery group and Halcon are one in the same. If so please show me the link I missed.

Not sure about Caffery, But Floyd Wilson is CEO of Halcon, An independent drilling co. Former owner of Petrohawk which he sold to BHP an Australian co. for 15 billion dollars. Then Halcon purchased Ram Energy in a 1 for 3 reverse stock split. Halcon is very interested in Venango co. Time will tell.

In response to Mark's question and eric's comment.  Do you have information that backs up your assertions?   Please share with us.  Thanks!

...yes, Venango county is just in the beginning stage...When I spoke with the people from shell last month, they stated they will return to Venango county around the 3rd quater of 2012. They just had to return to do a quick final sweep in northern butler county.

Randall, Do you thnk the major play will be oil here or gas?   Thanks

Oil! and wet gas.  You will not see a rig go for dry gas @ $2.48  Wilson will wait and buy up all he can when the time is right!  Just a guess! 

Think you are right, But I don't think he is going to wait.


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