I have a question which I hope will not be considered "dumb".  Do they ever do additional drilling on sites that have only one or two bores.  We have one site in Doddridge County that only has one bore, and I know there can be up to five or even seven bores on the same site.  I have never seen this addressed, and just wondered about it. Appreciate this page and everyone on here.

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It happens here in North Central Tioga Co., PA. I would suppose there are many factors in the decision, not the least of which is the output and profitability of the initial wells. In our area, there were Initially two wells on a pad, drilled several years ago. That same pad has had eight new wells drilled in the last year, with much better production results.

Even bad initial well economics might not preclude a pad with marginal wells(s) from being tried a second time. New drilling/completion techniques are showing that initially marginal results are overcome with new technology, and the newer wells produce more.

Also factor in the leases are in place, the pad exists and the cost of water hauling (via pipeline or truck) is a (somewhat) known variable.

NG price seems to be the fly in the ointment right now, with capital spending approaching zero in our area, and the news is full of the majors trying to exit the M-U play.

The frac'ing revolution is a victim of it's own success; a glut of NG in the US of A is depressing the price....the outlook is not encouraging.

Depends on how large the pad is, the extent of on-site facilities, and whether the pad has been reclaimed.  If the latter has occurred, the simple answer is no.

If not, it is possible, and sometimes intended.


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