Air pollutants from Pennsylvania oil and gas sites continue to rise

"Air pollutants from Pennsylvania’s natural gas production sites increased from 2013 to 2014, according to data released Wednesday by the Department of Environmental Protection. The air inventory data for shale gas production relies on information submitted by the industry, and includes emissions from compressor stations that utilize gas from coal beds, conventional, and unconventional wells. Although the number of well sites reporting information to the DEP dropped by 2.7 percent from 2013 to 2014, the number of pipeline related infrastructure sites increased by 12 percent.

Sulfur dioxide emissions saw the greatest jump, increasing 40 percent over 2013 levels. Sulfur dioxide contributes to acid rain, and causes respiratory problems including asthma. Other air pollutants that contribute to public health impacts also increased, including nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds. ...

The 2014 shale gas emissions inventories include increases of 18 percent for nitrogen oxides, 25 percent for both fine particulate matter and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and 19 percent for carbon monoxide. Particulate matter causes heart attacks, asthma, and difficulty breathing. It can be fatal for people with heart and lung disease. VOC’s cause a number of symptoms including eye, nose and throat irritations; headaches, nausea, as well as liver and kidney damage."


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Coal Bed Methane powering compressors?

I would believe your well methane is being used to power the compressors and every other use your producer needs Methane for before believing Coal Bed Methane.

Who owns these Coal Bed Methane wells and who is being paid for the Methane being used?

Chesapeake uses our well products then charges us for Energy use, even though our leases don't allow free use of well products or Deductions Period.

Why would other producers find another source for Methane when Chesapeake leads the way?

You would think a fair royalty would be paid in exchange for ruining our health.

Instead Domestic Oil & Gas companies short change us royalty payments causing high blood pressure since most normal people don't appreciate being robbed, in addition to ruining our air and water.

There is ZERO pollution from oil/gas wells.. a figment of the imagination....

Airplanes.. pollute.... look up in the air......what a clown this guy is.....

When Carol Brawner came to Cambridge years ago.. we ran her off the stage in tears  !!  ha

Water pollution comes mainly from farm land.....kill all the cows and pigs.....

for those that don't have a CLUE.. there would be NO RAIN... without "particles" in the air... physics....

I try not to reply to stupidity... but some days.. I just cant help it..   :)

Trump will straighten out the oil companys.......      

I felt a lot better when the Cuyahoga river was on fire .......and steel plants were belching

sulpher....made me  feel good.... now I cant hardly stand all the clean particles in it....

People under 50 aint got no clues...   

Mike says "airplanes pollute - look up in the air". If you're talking about contrails, Mike, a contrail is "a trail of condensed water from an aircraft or rocket at high altitude, seen as a white streak against the sky".

Mike also says "There is ZERO pollution from oil/gas wells .. a figment of the imagination". I agree that claims of zero pollution from oil and gas wells are a figment of the imagination.

Ha.. just as I thought  no clue.....

Jets use KEROSENE.. for fuel....

There is no engine that uses 100% effieciency  .. so...  kerosene  particles

flood the air..... PLUS.. they DUMP extra fuel before coming in to land.....a lot.  !!

again you prove my theory..... under 50.... no clue....

you can go back down the basement now.. ....ill be back next week.....

Oh... ever notice how some of those 'contrails"   start. .stop.. start.. stop start stop

guess the "engine" is starting and stopping......

and also... at the same altitude most jets.. leave no contrail......

and SOME contrails.. stay the same WIDTH.. for HOURS......duhhhhhhhhhh

guess the wind don't blow up there....?


I think the band on your tin foil hat is a bit tight. You might consider going up a size or two.

Hold on, I think I just saw Big Foot yard. I'll get back to you once I check it out. But first I have to contact Agent Moulder.


The figment of the imagination is this and all of your posts.Please read my counter post and try to respond inteligently

BTW, when was the last time you spoke with Rod Serling? Was he with Big Foot?

Anthropogenic Global Warming is a myth.

Stop it!


Large amounts of water can be fatal (drowning) I'm not for banning water, are you?


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