I don't know about anyone else but it seems all offers to buy my minerals have stopped. I was getting at least one offer a week to buy my minerals here in Wills Township in Guernsey County. But I have had none in the last month and a half... What's going on? Has anyone else experienced the same. I know oil prices are down but it seems that the mineral rights are still a valuable commodity. Are they running out of money or what? 

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Gotcha, let us know. Thanks

Hello,  Just out of curiosity, why don't you want to lease?

If you were replying to me, my property is already leased. I don't know that I am interested in in selling my mineral rights.

Hi Justme1 where is your property located? I turned down an offer of 5500 per acre recently and told them I was holding out for 8000. I been advised not to sell at this time and wait and see what happens... Evidently the drilling activity has slowed because of lack of infrastructure (pipe lines) not only low oil prices... I also heard but have not confirmed that The Gov. has ok'd horizontal drilling under some state property in Ohio. Now if the feds would allow us to export our oil and gas to the Euro market we may be able to put the arabs out of business... LOL

Goshen Twp in the Belmont area

OK I heard that's in the so called "Fairway" the most desirable area along with some points East and South in Guernsey and Noble Counties...

Last week I got an offer to buy for $13k/acre based upon a 20% royalties lease. 

From who????  Company name and contact info would be appreciated.  I ask because every price I see is in the neighborhood of $200-$300 per royalty point/acre.  If your offer of $650 per point is legitimate, I'll sell everything I own today.

This was a random call from a guy named John who said he's a landman for Phillips Energy Partners IV, LLC...he emailed me and gave me the website of phillipsenergy.com

Where is your property located? And who has your lease? Mine is with Ascent now, was with Shell originally and it is due to expire this year in October. I also have a 20% royalty...

Rice Energy. Mine is in Goshen Twp near Belmont. Looking at the ODNR site, I am part of a unit but haven't actually received the orders in writing from Rice yet. 

OK, thank you... When will your lease expire? Sounds like they just want to buy you out and not have to pay you any monthly royalties for the life of a well.... How many acres do you have? I'm sittin on 22 in Guernsey County... With 2 wells within about a 1/2 mile from me. I have not heard anything and don't know if they will renew my lease or not.  


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