Per the Completion Report, the Final Open Flow for Gas was 1161 mmcf/day and Oil was only 5 bbl/day over 239 hours.  I do not believe the amount of condensate is taken into consideration with these results.

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Ok got it... Thanks Gary!

That's a pretty picture Gary!
Was it just taken?

9-6-2013 Last Friday

Does anyone have a picture they can post of the flairing of the Allison well?

I second that motion...

Any photos of the Allison well flare?

Wish I did...
Allison Rhinestreet well flare video:
Orange color indicates wet gas.

No kidding?  I didn't know that.  Did you get that video yourself?

Was the flare loud?  I hear people say that flaring is really loud, but I can't tell from this video.


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