Analysis: Electric cars and the Permian: Saudi Arabia in Lea County by Dr. Daniel Fine

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Analysis: Electric cars and the Permian: Saudi Arabia in Lea County by Dr. Daniel Fine

Some 30,000 children marched in Belgium weeks ago against Climate Change. It is only a matter of two years before a few members of Congress, alone with only cameras today, will march at the head of crowds of 500,000 down Pennsylvania Avenue.

It will have its colors; green  — and yellow for the French — as 2020 arrives. 

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan-Grisham placed the state in the march which calls for America to join the Paris Agreement on climate change when she joined the U.S. Climate Alliance. But is it all for Green Energy without technology?

So far there is nothing on the road that eliminates carbon. The Green Deal is loaded: it offers “Green Energy” with diversionary political baggage.

Is it around the corner? It is. In six years, Audi-Porsche-VW will have an electric car on I-25 that will be zero-emissions, cost $27,000 (today's dollar) with a range that beats Tesla.  

Too soon to shake heads negatively. The surprise is a mass electric car with a German engineering in a Ford. Indeed, Ford will no doubt bid for the license is this writer’s forecast.

The revolutionary change is green energy and colorless technology. The kids in Belgium would be getting drivers licenses by then. What happens to I-25 or 550?

Perhaps a new state budget along with Washington will build recharge sites or stations.

What happens to oil and associated gas in New Mexico?

Overall, the Permian Delaware retreats from historic production highs (2018) as demand for oil as the transportation fuel declines. Cars currently owned must be serviced with oil-based fuel until traded-in for electrics."  

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I don't know about anyone else here, but this article is extremely hard to read and come away with any coherent sense of what the author is trying to convey.  I respect Dr. Fine, but this might have been edited to oblivion??

Yeah that is quite the mess. Looks like it was written in a foreign language and the translation software screwed it up.

The transition to electric will be interesting to say the least. It will take some time for all the infrastructure to be in place and for people to feel comfortable with it. 

Once that point arrives, how soon will it be before there are too few ICE vehicles to support the distribution of liquid fuels? And what happens to people with ICE vehicles when gas stations disappear but can't afford to buy a new electric?

I would guess diesel will remain for heavy transport, as an EV just won't fill that spot in the transportation of goods least for some time. So we will have to buy an EV or Diesel....if the gubmint will allow the latter.

Pretty sure this is down the road a ways....and why should we care, when all the Warmists claim we have 'less than 12 years left' before the 'planet is frying with the oceans boiling'.

Truthfully, the electric to charge the EV's will be non-existent after all fossil fuel and nuclear power plants are decommissioned....renewables have not and will not ever be a viable sole source of power for an industrialized nation.


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