Wants to end all oil and gas activity in Ohio.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich on Thursday unveiled a series of proposals designed to bring a complete end to oil and gas drilling in Ohio.

At a news conference in downtown Columbus, the liberal former congressman and presidential candidate said that as governor, he would use eminent domain to acquire and close all existing traditional and fracking-style oil and gas wells in the state. Kucinich pledged to block any new drilling permits and order a statewide injection-well ban.

In addition, Kucinich would direct the Ohio State Highway Patrol to stop, inspect, and turn away vehicles found with fracking waste. The state would offer free health screenings to Ohioans living near fracking sites and collect data with an eye toward filing a class-action lawsuit against fracking companies on the scale of the multi-billion-dollar legal settlement that states reach with tobacco companies 20 years ago.

Asked whether his proposals were unrealistic given that Republicans dominate the state legislature, Kucinich said he has a history of working with conservatives when he served in the state Senate.

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A fracking ban is moving through the Florida legislature:

"The effort to prevent fracking in Florida cleared a major hurdle on Monday as the state senate's environmental conservation committee approved a bipartisan bill to ban fracking statewide by a 10-0 vote. The bill would place a permanent ban on "advanced well stimulation techniques" for producing oil and gas, including fracking and acidizing. ... The bill was introduced by State Sen. Dana Young, a Republican from Tampa who said in a statement that the legislation is a "priority" for protecting "drinking water and our one-of-a-kind natural resources."


Geography is obviously not one of your areas of expertise.

Florida is no where near the Utica/Marcellus and thus has nothing to do with this forum.

You really are running out of things to post, aren't you.


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