I just received my first royalty check after signing division orders on Friday. I am kind of appalled. I know it varies, but can anyone give the price per acre being brought in after all the deductions? Mine is less than $100/acre.

I'm with Rice and this wasn't quite a month's worth but think it's really low. I'm aware that it depends on several things and understand that the price of gas is really low now.

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Actually less than $50/acre

Does Rice own the whole well or does Gulfport own part of it?

Just Rice as far as I know
Actually idk. I wasn't part of the Smith Goshen deal. But property close adjacent mine is leased with Gulfport

that makes a difference.... you can check the paperwork on uslandrecords.com  to see if it is a split well.  We are in Razin Kane and get a check from Rice and Gulfport (about a 69/31 split).  Our $$ are way down with the price of gas and our volume is way down as well.  We have the market enhancement clause so we unfortunately have deductions also.  We have 3 wells in our unit and this month was around $213 per acre.  If you break that down per well though it is around $71 an acre.  Back in the fall when we were running higher volume (around 14 mmcf) and gas was higher we were around  $233 an acre per well.  There is so much that goes into it that it is not an easy question to answer.  

So are you leased with both companies? I'm not sure how that works. I'm very familiar with that site. How do i find where it says that? I'm in Bounty hunter 4 and technically BH 2 but shouldn't even count it

usually in the pool unit paperwork it will say something.  

No I leased with Gulfport but there is an agreement between the two companies to share acreage.   

I'll send you a friend request...

Ok I'll look. The only thing I got was D.O.

yeh they don't send you that paperwork lol - it's filed with the auditors office and available for viewing at the courthouse or via uslandrecords 

Sent you a message


There are countless variables that will factor into the revenue you receive.  Royalty percentage, if you reserved LNGs, etc.  I suggest requesting a Declaration Of Pooling for the well site, plus a close review of your lease.


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