Just wondering if anyone has received bonus payment for the signing on September 21/12 for the township of Wayne, Belmont County or any of the other four townships???

The 120 days was up yesterday.....nothing yet here.

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It took 6 months to get ours from chevron sorry for the bad news

Ah...I thought we might get a letter or something explaining why they are passed the due date.  I understand they can ask for a 30 day extension. I just wish communication was better so we aren't left in the dark wondering if we're going to get the bonus or not.

I guess there is no place for impatience in the oil and gas world. lol

Thanks for your response.

Was told that the county records area is really backed-up and they would need an additional 30 days....sit tight and hope.


Thanks for the info.....I am willing to wait...I just like to know what's going on.  It's always nice to know where you stand.


Karen,Antero moved VERY quickly in sw monroe and eastern noble countys at the end of 2012.



Thanks for the information.  I understand now that they are asking for a 30 day extension.  I'm sure they're under pressure to get everyone looked after and the title searches are grueling.  Gives me something to look forward to in February....it's such a boring month.  lol

Hi Karen....we got our letter from Turner Oil on behalf of Antero Resources yesterday telling us they exercised the 30 day extension...let's keep our fingers crossed...go luck to all!

Yes...thank you...I too hope we are all smiles in February. 

Nothing here yet either. I received a letter letting me know that they are using their extension



Hiker:  Thanks for your information.  This is all very new to most of us and sometimes a bit confusing.  We didn't get a letter or anything......but I suppose no news is good news. lol

I'm sure they are reputable.  I haven't heard otherwise.  I just wish the communication was better.  Certainly glad to see that your leasing experience was a positive one.

Thanks Dawn for the reply.  We haven't received a letter.  When did you get yours? 

Yes, we received a letter on 1-16-2013 letting us know about using the 30 day extension.


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