Word on the streets is that Antero has stopped taking leases in Tyler County.  Anobody know what Statoil, JayBee, Noble, and EQT are doing?  Or can confirm that new leases are being taken by Antero?

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When you say word on the street, is that one of the guys asking for change on the corner? We're are you hearing this. I hope it isn't true.

I have property right on the county line, partially in wetzel and tyler. I thought this area was good enough that none of them would turn it down, especially antero who has set up shop there. What's your thoughts

That was a landman that was still working for Antero, but on a project up in Wetzel County.  I hope it isn't true, too.  Of course, if it is true, I don't expect it to be true for longer than the rest of 2016.  Things should start picking back up for 2017.  I think Antero doesn't have a lot of competition in the area.  EQT, Statoil, JayBee, and Noble were the ones working in Tyler.  Well, Magnum Hunter too, but they quit quite a while ago due to severely overextending themselves.  EQT still seems to be working, as does Stat.  But I haven't heard a thing from JayBee or Noble in quite a while.

Somebody called in to the office on Friday just to let me know that Antero had taken leases and modifications in December from people that he knew.  If anyone knows of anything more recent, I'd love to hear about it.  Thanks in advance.

It is my understanding that Antero is not making new leases in Tyler Co. however they are extending ones they currently have.  I think they are low on cash

Sounds like it's time for this lawyer to branch out. Maybe bankruptcy law.....


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