I have acreage in 2 units in WV that have been receiving royalties.  Have not received the last 2 months checks? Is anyone else having this problem???

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You don't define what you mean, but I assume you mean you were getting a check but for the past two months none arrived. We are on direct deposit and it pays every month.  Understanding of course that Antero pays normally three months in arrears, so December production was paid at March month end.

Receiving electronic deposits as usual, typically the last day of the month, along with email containing details.

No check this month for me. What's up?

Contact the company. Does your email with the printout generally come from Jen Olivas? She has been helpful to me in the past. 

Should readread.... after the lease is up.....do they try to renegotiate the lease?

Our five-year lease was signed in August 2014. I do not expect to hear from Antero because the lease remains in force as long as old and gas is produced. Production is taking place.

We are not in a unit yet......so not held by production.
Hadley 8h is shut in. That's why no check according to antero
What's up with Antero.....anyone else in Guernsey County Millwood Township( that your lease is about to expire) get a letter from Antero stating they would renew your lease for only 500.00 dollars an acre?


I know a lot can change in a year but I leased with Eclipse last March for $5,000 per acre (split evenly between signing and one year later at 17% "no cost" royalty.  I used KWGD to negotiate the lease.  I am also in Millwood.  Were you originally signed with Rex and then bought out by Anterro?  It seems to me that there is an "understanding" between Anterro and Eclipse in that Eclipse controls Millwood and Anterro gets northeast Noble county.  I also wonder if these companies are holding off on leasing until they are ready to put you in a unit.  I hope the offer gets better for you.  The wells in Millwood have been really strong producers.  

We originally leased with Antero....the lease has never been traded or sold and the original lease was for 6000.00 an acre.

Very common issue - could be any number of things. Could be reworking the well, working on another well on the pad causing the others to be temporarily shut in for safety reasons, could have reconfigured the unit causing you to go into negative suspense, etc. If you call them they should be able to tell you, however, this happens all the time.


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