ANY NEWS IN  Butler Co   with Rexx Energy ???

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Rex just filed for bankruptcy May 18th, holdings up for sale, things will be tied up in court for quite a while, probably aren't going to do much new drilling. I did get my royalties on time as usual on May 25th. Time will tell! 

I received my royalties on time. Also received a letter stating about the bankruptcy and that royalties will continue as usual.

Has everyone else been getting legal notices  for Rexx.   Notice that the 4 creditors  are Rexx sub divisions for creditors.    Is there anything we should be doing legally stopping the claim so we aren't screwed ?  A trip  to an attorney may be in order ?

Yes, received a second letter with more info on creditors etc regarding bankruptcy. It’s my assumption that we will continue to receive our monthly royalties. 

Didn't get my email from energy link as of yet, wonder if royalties are going to stop? Thoughts anyone.


Got my notice from Christopher Hann from Rex at 11:21 this morning with link to for this month's royalty payment. Then energylink sent a notice at 8:47 this evening. Amount looks normal just a day late. Good luck to all of us as Rex goes thru it!!

Received my royalty on time, June 25th. Received all the notices about the bankruptcy.


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