Has anyone, that is  leased with AEU, re-leased with them or heard any news about anything from them?

Any thoughts what might AEU be doing in the future in Guernsey Co., Londonderry township?

Leased 4 years ago and not a peep from them. 

My minerals are supposidly in "the hot spot". 

Just curious.

Thanks ya'll

nc man

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Thanks, Matt and Jason!

I see where the drilling is in Section 19. Hope I am reading this right. My minerals are in Section 21. 

I am wondering if my minerals are in the same area, as this drilling, or are there many Section 19's & 21's?

My location is in the K& R Conservation property(minerals only, don't own land), west side of Skull Fork Rd., north of 22, if that means anything to you.

Doesn't sound like it is in the Bond property, huh?!

Not to o/g savvy. In fact, pretty much in the dark.

What I have learned is from this site and I sure appreciate everyone sharing their knowledge with all of us less educated in this field. 

Thank you, again, guys!

nc man

Attached a spreadsheet showing AEU activity in Londonderry.  Scroll to the bottom for their most recent permit applications.  Hope this helps.


See my reply to Matt. 

A special thank you Jason, for sending the permit site!

nc man

No problem, glad to help!  

To answer your question about section numbers -- in MOST of the country section numbers are unique within a township.  Ohio is a little jacked up in places, and sometimes you will find section numbers repeating within a township.  When the U.S. opened up the west and started selling property sight unseen via section-towship-range, Ohio was where they started and they hadn't really worked all the kinks out yet.

In Londonderry there is only one Section 21 and its on the north end of the township.  There's two permitted laterals that clip the southwest corner of the section (map attached).  Not sure where you're located within the section, but this should get you started.  Good luck!


The head of the well in Section 27, Londonderry Twp. is right beside my Section 21!!

I am in the n.e. end of Londonderry Twp. right beside this well.

Does that look good for me in the future?

Seems like some of the oil that is coming from that well would also be coming from my section.

What do you think?

Just guessing. Have never been notified that I am in a drilling unit.

Was told when I signed lease with Shell that my minerals were in a great spot but have never heard a thing from AEU except when I contacted a rep from AEU about re-leasing and he said he didn't think AEU would re-lease. ???

Thanks Jason. 

Appreciate you input!

nc man

The location of your property puts you right in the middle of the Utica wet gas window, which is a good thing when NGL prices are good.  A few years back NGL's were selling around $15/MMBtu, but right now now they're under $5/MMBtu. http://www.eia.gov/dnav/ng/hist/ngm_epg0_plc_nus_dmmbtuM.htm

It seems like a lot of operators are favoring dry gas areas to weather the downturn.  Nat gas prices are not doing better by any means, but dry gas has a lot less processing involved so it's ultimately cheaper to produce and get to market.

There is some news from Ascent I would like to share with y'all.

Last week, Purple Land rep, contacted my brother and offered him $1,000 an acre, guaranteed, for 5 years and no changes in wording from  our original lease.

If they drill, in the mean time, we still will be guaranteed  the $1,000 an acre per year.

My brother declined the offer.

Any thoughts?

Anyone else offered this from Ascent?

Also, have a very important question for anyone that might know-------

How can the ODNR map show a well head on or so close to being on  the section our minerals are located and us not being involved in production.

The producing well's name is under "Wagler" 1S?

Well company info is Carrizo (Utica) LLC, out of Houston, TX

The well is drilling east, from section 27 into section 21, where our minerals are.

Any thoughts on this?


nc man

I'm glad your brother said no. They will most likely re-new the lease you have that is expiring and you'll get the full $5000. per acre like your lease states.good for you. There ARE people signing that delayed rental scheme offer. I guess Ascent will be able to save some $$ on them.  I'll take a look at the Wagler. It's strange anyway since it's going west to east.I've been meaning to check that out anyway. Hopefully yhe ODNR has posted the wells plat maps and that should show what properties are involved in the unit. I wouldn't know which parcels are yours, but maybe I can post the map.Since you are leased with Ascent, maybe there's been a deal struck between them and Carrizo . And just haven't told you yet,hoping you will sign their offer !st?

Thank you, Bo!

I can always depend on your expertise input!

FYI, if you are interested--------

On our lease it states, county tax parcel is 20-00301, section 21, township 11, range 7

We own, only the mineral rights, on 79.23 acres

Thanks for sharing your confidence in the great outcome you feel we will experience.

Have you heard from Ascent?

Wishing you the best, also!

nc man


Isn't Ascent suppose to pay out, if that is their intention to renew our lease, a month before our lease expires?


My lease with Swepi/Shell, says the lessee may extend the primary term of the lease for an additional 5 years AFTER THE END OF THE PRIMARY TERM, According those words, they may wait till the 1st term is about to expire. I looked up the Wagler 1h plat map and permit. they don't have the royalty owners names on there or the parcels in the unit. The co. engineers office would have that info,but I don't know how to access that info. I'll keep researching. No promises.

Thanks Bo.

I will do some researching, too, now that you have shared your lead!

I will let you know if I come up with anything and would appreciate knowing anything you might find.

This will be very interesting to find out if the Wagler well is just real near the section(21) my minerals are located in or has someone already helped themselves!

Did you see on the ODNR map that the Wagler well runs west to east. 

All the other wells on this map runs north to south.

Any guess why that would be? ---Anyone?

If anyone else ,reading this, knows how to find the  parcels, in the units of the Wagler well and the royalty owners names, please let me know.

Much appreciated.

nc man


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