Just wondering what the going offer is on leases. When EQT took over rice energy ( or whatever happened there) we were basically told they would never negotiate to what we wanted so we washed our hands of the whole thing because they just weren't very friendly about anything.

Fast forward to now, about 5 months later, we get an offer from rice drilling d llc, from the same guy that was negotiating with us before, for what we were previously asking. They came up to that price on the first offer so it just seems odd to me they were willing to negotiate so quickly now but they weren't willing before...makes me think we should be asking for more..

Any info is appreciated!

Thank you!

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I received a phone call on Friday from a man at EQT that bought out Rice. He said they were moving west in Belmont county from where they had been concentrating their efforts. We live near Morristown. I too was wondering what the going rate for a lease per acre is. I don't have any idea. He didn't offer anything yet but is supposed to call 1st part of next week. Would you like to share what you were recently offered Samantha?

When your sitting in a hot county you have alot more power then you know. It's business. Not personal. Just remember your in the core...the low hanging fruit. I'm surprised they let it go on that long and take a chance that someone else would lease it.

I just got a call as well from someone at EQT. Told me the same thing. He said he is authorized to offer 5k an acre with 20% royalties but I have 0 clue how fair that is currently.


   Actually my call came from someone at Crimson Resources on behalf of EQT. Did yours come directly from EQT?

Yes. He said he was with EQT.

That is what ours said as well. Except the lease they emailed over still says rice energy drilling.

I just received an offer to lease for $5000/ acre bonus & 20% royalty. The royalty payment is after deductions are taken out though so that will have to change even if it means dropping the royalty % a bit to have the royalty calculated without deductions.

I sent you a friend request. Would love to chat.
I sent you a friend request. Would love to chat.

What was your offer for? What area? And crimson is normally pretty straight forward with their negotiations. 

Also Rice Drilling is a subsidiary of EQT.

union township, Belmont county


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