Anyone interested in a GoMarcellusShale social sometime this spring? Meet the folks we talk with on this website...share a meal?

I'm a landowner in Washington Township/Butler County.  Just looking to see if anyone would be interested in spending a weekend afternoon socializing/talking the talk/networking.  Landowners only.  I know of a great little restaurant on the Allegheny River in Foxburg...just south of Emlenton.  Would be happy to organize the gathering.  Looking at early spring for a date.  Post here...and friend me if you are interested!  

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Will keep you posted...thanks for letting me know of your interest...looking forward to meeting my "neighbors."  Friend me so I can more easily communicate plans.  Thanks!

Count us in (2) from Lancaster twp., just north of Zelie. Don Brown

Hi Don, Looks like we have more than 50 folks interested to date.  Some with spouses as well...

I should have things firmed up by tomorrow, so watch for another post with date, time, and cost.

Thanks for your interest!



Have you noticed that this is the first discussion that hasn't gone political??  :)  :)


Wow; thats a great response. For a gang that big we will have to get the room upstairs.  Maybe we could all pitch in $5 or $10 to cover the cost.  Or we could agree to a fee, say $25 or whatever they charge for a meal and enough to cover the room, and have a cash bar.  Earlier inb the spring should have a reduced cost.  If it all goes well, we could have a second event during the summer when the deck and tent are open! Maybe even have them get some live entertainment!

For those that like to bike ride, there is a nice paved bike trail that follows the Allegheny River.

dont press it lol 

Billy, I hope you're coming as our entertainment!

Well...actually...we might have to...

It might be hors d'oeuvres and dessert...with a cash bar.... for $20.

A meal would put it closer to $30...

...but I'm still working on it...

If we have it April 14th - which I hear is the first day of trout season - how many of you folks will decide not to come because you're fishing instead.  Looks like we'll have it about 1pm.

Time to put in your 2 cents....

I think we'd be interested in a get together; remember...there's safety in numbers!  Let us know the details.  Looking forward to meeting some new folks and discussing experiences.

Invitations have been sent to those expressing interest...but, I won't have the final count until April 1st...which is the ABSOLUTE DEADLINE!  I won't be able to accept any reservations that arrive after that as I need to let the restaurant know the dinner count that day.

Initially we had more than 50 people interested, so we are hoping for a nice turnout.

It's a beautiful restaurant with great atmosphere and the food there is very good.  We will have a lovely view which I think everyone will enjoy as well, and since it will be staying light a bit longer by then, our view should easily last through dinner. 

BTW...there is a little winery across the street with free wine tasting!

Just a reminder to everyone...if you are interested in attending, friend me on this site and I will send you the info.




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