Our lease is up in September and was wondering what the going rate may be?  I've been hearing that most people are being lowballed?

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Ours is up in 3 days so it's not looking real good for a renewal.

The problem is we don't have a lot of competition in this area.  EQT at this point I'm sure has most of the acreage so therefore they are lowballing because they don't necessarily need more acres. 

If it is in your addendum, you must request in writing a release of lease & have such recorded in the courthouse. If not then other E&P companies will think it is still under lease.If you do not have it in your addendum's then you may have a problem getting a release of lease.

I'm. Not sure how pa works with leases. But your contract is over and you have proof. It's a done deal. I would start moving forward and contacting the best company in your area that are active in drilling. If your in Greene county you shouldn't have a problem. I'm in wetzel and tyler in wv and leased our property again. It took no time and with the company we wanted to work with. Just make sure you get the wording in the lease perfect. No 2nd chances.....good luck and im sure you will do well.

I will keep you posted Jason...thanks for the info.

Does the lease expire on the Day of the signing of the lease on the front page or at midnight the day before.. Mine said to renew had to be done  anytime   before day on lease in writing and with check. Today is the date on lease am I released of lease or do they get today. It also said they would file release with Co. recorder in writing. Would You trust that or file release yourself.

Mine is anytime before the expiration date which  is Sept 13th.  Usually you have to contact them for a release to file at the courthouse.  I'm going to contact my lawyer and have him get the release.

Thanks Mother, Mine says any time before Sept 12. I called land man and he said he was on vacation. My renewal is for $8000.00 and 20% but completion is going to drill 1mile North West of my property and I am surrounded by Accent leases. was wondering if I had to accept check today or if it expired at Midnight this morning. Does  anyone Know a good lawyer to negotiate lease in OH ?

Wow...that's a pretty good lease. Is that for both the Marcellus and Utica? Hopefully they will renew you?

Lease was for both. No check today I would say I'm a free agent. I think they may have let it go because it is in Accent territory and could not get enough acreage to do anything but flip it to them. I'm 1 mile from new Hamack well, just permitted for 3 wells and 1 mile from the river. Need to call Accent and find a good lawyer.

Good Luck...keep me posted.


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