The well mentioned in the discussion title above has my mineral rights in the land group. I had a lease with XTO energy which when contacting them they tell me has ended as of January 2020. The company that dug the well is Gulfport, and from the information that I find on the ODNR website this well has been producing prior to the end of my contract with XTO in January of 2020 and they have 3 quarters of production reports currently on the site as well but NO ROYALTY CHECK from either company. I know my address information is correct in the XTO system (I moved to Louisiana)  and they have the correct owner of the mineral rights, however I'm not sure that Gulf Port has the correct information as I sold my property to my nephew ins 2018 and did in turn maintain my mineral rights, and yes it's on Belmont County's website that I still own mineral rights only for the property. Has anyone on the Mckeegan pads got any type of royalty check? Which company would you persue? I'm so lost at this point and not really knowing anyone that is in the land group with me is kicking me in the butt! 

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