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Its not even December yet. :)

Is this production from all the DUC wells the gas companies have accumulated?   How will the next year look like with reduced drilling plans?   Will completion of all these DUC wells cause a need to drill new ones?   We can only hope...

So, what do we landowners do now or think towards the future if we are not in the core areas?   In PA there are basically only two core in SW PA and one in NE PA.    How will the fairway be treated going forward?   Will there still be delineation wells drilled?   Will the non-core areas be gobbled up by smaller gas companies?  At what point (%) would a well need to be to be considered declined and ready for a new well  replacement?   And the million dollar question is when will the next boom hit?   How is your crystal ball OT?

That sounds like a positive if you are in a HBP area for a gas company.    Who would have guessed the excitement  created by this past boom would end so suddenly.   The prospects for consumption also seems to be in question now.  Thanks for your insight into our future.   How about 2021 for new activity?

I thing NG will slowly become more versatile in gas rich regions.  There is no reason with today’s new NG electric power plants that municipalities and manufacturers have to be connected to an electric utility.  With the small physical and environmental footprint of NG power generators cities and factories can easily have their own generators and cut out the utility company. I don’t know the rate of loss with long runs along the grid but resistance has to be a big loss.  More localized electric production will become more and more prevalent and mates well to fill in for solar and wind.  The old Ormet Aluminum mill said they closed because their electric provider couldn’t or wouldn’t give them a low enough rate for electricity.  Now the pipelines run through the property.  They could have produced their own electricity and used much of the gas from under their own property.  Where electric grid is in place larger NG producers could potentially become electric producers in the future.  Maybe EQT gas and power?


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