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"CALGARY -- Abundant cheap supplies of natural gas from new shale deposits, plus growing imports of liquefied natural gas flowing into the United States, push back by 15 years the need for Arctic gas and make it difficult for higher-cost gas from Western Canada to compete, says pipeline executive Steve Letwin."


"Enbridge moves 15% of the natural gas in Texas, the largest producing state in the United States. The Calgary-based company, Canada's largest oil pipeline operator, is proposing the $1.5-billion LaCrosse Pipeline. That pipeline would link shale gas producers in the Fort Worth, Barnett and Haynesville regions of Texas and Louisiana to the U. S. southeast, where power markets are developing. Enbridge also runs a large offshore pipeline system in the Gulf of Mexico."

How about we started exporting this stuff to Europe? Is this a realistic scenario?

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Electricity producers could be using more natural gas in generation -- they have much more capacity for this, yet continue to use coal beacuse its cheaper. Call your congressman/woman and tell them that new energy legislation should require electricity generators to use natural gas to the full capacity and use coal as the backup.


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