I have signed a lease with Ascent Resources for my property in Ohio.  The order of payment says 120 days to pay.  Does anyone know if they pay early or if they will take the whole 120 days?  Just trying to get a feel for what is typical payment history for them.

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Ascent is far from perfect, that said they are one of the better producers in this region and their hedging program appears to be at the top as well . They are consistently paying at or near the top for gas and other hydrocarbons . Be patient you are with one of the better ones as far as being produced goes. As for leasing they are all difficult . Just a humble opinion but with experience.  

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Sumer Dawn, I recently signed with Ascent and I am curious as to if you received payment from Ascent Resources and did they take the full 120 days, whether it be business or calendar days?  


I have been pleased with Ascent.  They have paid on time and the correct amount.  My small acreage is in Richland township.

If you know finance, it will be 120 days, probably to the minute. A company will hold funds to collect interest on it. It is saddening that most leases are presented on the fender if a pickup. That was my experience and it is why no lease was signed. I wanted a copy to digest, “Oh NO, I can’t do that.” It is always advisable to get a legal eagle, forget the beagle. Language can hide tremendous amounts of deceit.

This is my 3rd round of signing in 8 year period.  3 different companies none of which were signed on the fender of a pickup. :)  Both previous companies gave 90 days and paid within 60.  Was just curious if Ascent followed the same practices.  Thanks for your feedback.

They will most likely take the whole 120 days.  It is typically business days, but perhaps your lease is different and says calendar days, you just need to read it.  I suppose they could pay you early if they want to drill ASAP, I actually don't know how that works for sure.  I assume if they were going to drill they'd need to pay you before touching your property.

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