Ashtabula County Ohio.....Any news..any hope, any and all thoughts.

Been a while (very long time) since I and others have heard anything about Ashtabula County. As fast as it heated up it cooled right down. Seems all activity went down south or mid Ohio

A lot of land owners here would like to hear any thought/opinions etc about what the possible future may look like. Please respond in good taste as we have heard all the negativity and doomsayers. We were all told to get ready, clear out old leases, have correct ownership on mineral rights in order and the typical whole nine ards. Land men were trying to be our buddies.

One person told me that when a land man knocks on your door and offers you pennies on a dollar for your rights that it means that something big or new may be coming. Have not seen or heard from any so pickings must be slow

Looking forward to any reponses



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Hello Bill,

  I'm a southern Ohio landowner and a friend of your Ashtabula County colleague, Joseph Ohio. In my opinion, it's really only a matter of economics. Right now the market is saturated with NG from low cost sources that were not yet known when Aubrey McClendon leased seemingly 1/2 of Eastern Ohio. Chief among these new basins is the Permian in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. There is so much associated gas & NGL's coming from this source, the producers are fighting for pipeline space to get their products to market. Not to mention record production from the Utica/Marcellus. Your day will likely come, but the next generation may be the beneficiary.



Still holding out hope for this generation too Blu' ! !

Thanks for your input as it's always good to hear / read what you have to say !

Can you give us a rundown of what is in the article? It is available to subscribers only at $59.95/yr.

If you just search the title of the article on google (2 Horiz. Clinton Sandstone Wells Drilled in Ashtabula County, OH), you can read it for free by clicking on it from the google search results. From the page- "This article is provided FREE for Google searchers. In order to access all content on Marcellus Drilling News, please visit our Subscribe page."

Nice way to get around the pay wall, at least for that site.

Colebrook Twshp. Ashtabula County Trout Road Clinton Horizontals

A good read elliemae82 !

The most recent activity I could find in the area was a permit to drill some horizontal Clinton wells in Trumbull county, just south of Ashtabula. You might try to reach out to US Energy OH and see what they are up to and if they plan on going north at all. Hope that helps. 

Colebrook Twshp. Ashtabula County Trout Road Clinton Horizontals.

Thanks for the reply. I have read about Trumbull County off and on but they do not seem to be going to the bank very often.

The big monies are elsewhere in the State and I was hoping somewhere or someone in the Oil/Gas know would release something that was on a positive note for our area.

Appreciate the response. i know Joe very well and I learned a lot from his knowledge of Oil/Gas.
Was hoping for some news on a positive note but I understand how it it. Guess only time will tell.
Not very knowledgeable at all Mr. Bill - trying to get knowledgeable however. We all need to keep our eyes and ears open as things really seemed slanted against the landowner / mineral owners looking for a square deal !


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