Attorneys and Land Groups whose Only Goal is to Convince Us to "SELL OUT"


Anybody know of any local Belmont County Royalty/Utica Groups who claim to be "Royalty Groups" but when you get to the "Meeting" all they Offer is a...... TOTAL .....SELL OUT ? 

Hmmm.. let me think.. I've heard there's one in Bellaire, Ohio and another one in Bridgeport, Ohio!

The "spokesman's"  first goal is to.. convince you, your land is worthless cause it only has Dry Gas! lol

Then proceed to say "How Hard He has Worked" to umm.. "lucky us" ...put this deal together, when our land is so worthless.. and the CARROT is so BIG and JUICY!

Now.. here's an Example of Worthless Dry Gas and keep in mind.. it's just in the Marcellus!

My friend received his 1st Royalty Check for $7800. for 2 weeks Royalties on a mere 22 Acres.

This well produces less than 3 million cubic feet per day.. with 300 liquid!

Imagine.. some of the Belmont County wells are producing 20 million cu. ft. per day.. any clue as to how much these mineral rights are really worth! ... yes.. worthless land indeed.. ha!

Does anyone else think it's "smart" to Sell your Mineral Rights? !!! Duh!

These "meetings" start with a man who says it's just "Dry Gas" and so Not Worth Anything Much! LOL

Instead of helping us plan.. not only do they try to keep me from talking and expressing my opinion.. but.. they Sell Us Out Instead!

Any voice of dissent is swiftly dealt with from the attorneys and "Preachers" who profit from this venture.

Speaking up and expressing opinions contrary to theirs.. is considered blasphemy!

They think of Nothing but Themselves and $ ..which is what it's all about.. but

They need to lay the cards on the table and tell the truth!

The Whole Truth is.. our land is extremely valuable, otherwise these land grabbing companies wouldn't be trying to PURCHASE ... MINERAL RIGHTS as opposed to Leasing!

We should all Lease.. not sell mineral rights!

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Hey Jay.. where are you at this time.. are you trying to find a lease too?

I am.. and I am Not ever going to Sell to these Thieves!

If you have a personal email and would like to discuss the Thieves via email or phone let me know.

I'm seeking Landowners to Band Together to Form a NEW and honest Citizens and Landowner's Group.. before.. these Thieves .. succeed in their dirty give it all away/plan!

If you're looking to LEASE your LAND.. I'm located in Belmont County, Pease Twp.. get back with me here and let's talk. There is strength in numbers!

So far the only Super Good Lease has been the Smith-Goshen Group!

This is because Smith-Goshen was formed by Concerned LANDOWNERS.. not attorneys 

Two groups in particular, seek profit by promoting "Sellout-Scams" for our extremely valuable mineral rights!

I consider them Unscrupulous Attorneys Don't CARE whether we or our children receive a dime of Royalties.

They lure desperate people, supposedly for leases.. then quickly change their story.

Come to find out.. not only is it not a "non-surface-lease"

It's not a lease at all but.. signing/selling their mineral rights.. all the while proclaiming how Worthless Our Property is! If it's Worthless.. why would they be offering $10,000 per acre.. to Buy our Mineral Rights? waste of my time attending this meeting!

Anyone.. Landowners who want to join with me and try to find a Really... Good... Lease.. leave me some way to contact you.. email. or phone..either way.

Let's put our heads.. and our land.. Together.. and get a really fair Lease!

D,  Sorry to hear you all are being treated like this.

I'm glad to hear you were all smart enough to see through what was being planned.

Go to  and look at the landowners group that was formed for Columbiana County.

There is a lot of info on the site and the people who ran it may be kind enough to coach those of you who want to start a landowners group  in your area.


It takes people who geniunely care about their neighbors to run a landowners group. I'm glad I joined the Associated Land Owners Of The Ohio Valley, (alov). It's a model for all future Landowners Groups. The ALOV was the largest landowners group East of the Mississppi (according to Chesapeake Energy ) and it has saved many a landowner from being stolen from.

As you all have said there is strength in numbers. If you need help, contact me at (copy this since there is a hidden underscore between tech and yah but the underline has overwritten it) I have phone numbers for the people who ran the group and a good memory of what I observed.  It was a good experience with a good outcome.       

Good Luck.  Ron

At the end of the day it is a personal decision to sell or lease your mineral rights.  Every landowner has there own situation.  I personally have not heard of the $10,000.00 per acre figure in Belmont county until reading this.  I would very much appreciate some contact info for the group who is offering these figures.  highest offers I had heard in eastern Belmont was $5000.00 per acre for a purchase, and that was in Smith township.  Is anyone even leasing in eastern Belmont currently?  Specifically Mead township.  In my opinion for what its worth, the mineral buying companies are betting on whats to come by paying these kind of prices.  Yes eastern Belmont is dry gas, and probably we wont see big time development until all the wet gas areas have been tapped.  Dry areas are valuable, just no where near as valuable as wet areas.  So as a landowner, if you can financially stand to wait 7-10 years for potential financial gain thru production, then by all means dont sell.  But for those landowners out there who need financial stimulation, $10,000.00 per acre is a life changing number.  And remember, all it takes is one bad well to completely change the landscape of an area.  Anyone with contact info for the group offering $10 k per acre I would greatly appreciate you sharing that with me.  Thanks  

ohio Valley Royalties was the group that had a meeting I attended with an offer of 10k per acre. My understanding was oil and gas rights only, nothing else. I agree, everyone needs to do what is good for them.I am at  the Pultney/mead line and of the 5 gas/oil companies I have talked to,none are inetrested in my acreage currently.10k certainly a life changing amount of money. put several kids through college and is 5 times what was paid for our place. Not sure what we will do but I don't want to get greedy and have nothing.

Yea it's only Oil and Gas rights.. but they also have full and total access to whatever acreage.. so your property may not ever be quite the same.

One thing for Sure.. if and when the Drilling Rig Arrives at My Property.. I'm going to Jump UP and DOWN and CELEBRATE..................why?

Because.. I'm Not desperate enough to just sell out my mineral rights!

I intend to Lease my mineral rights and gain 20% of Royalties for the rest of my life.

This game is becoming like the old days when farmers "sold out" to Coal Companies.. for a pittance of their full worth. In the end the companies made out like bandits.. while the farmers were cheated out of their royalties.

If you have kids and grandkids.. they'll sure thank you some day for leasing.

While the kids of the OIL Companies.. will have the other's kids for slaves.

That seems to be the way it works isn't it?

One class of rich and another class of poor!

Lease.. don't sell!

Contact me if you're near Belmont County.. let's put our acres in units and gain a fair lease.

Unfortunately until some results are heard from the Kaldor well in eastern Belmont county, everything is speculation. The gentleman I spoke with from Gulfport told me they do not agree with XTO that the wet gas is that far east in Ohio. Time will tell. Nothing would please me more than a 5yr 6000$ lease but...if they dont drill close or until we are dead what have we gained. I don't agree desperate people will sign. If a 60 year old farmer sells his gas and oil rights for on 200acres for 2mil after struggling his whole life...God bless him. If the wells are 500ft apart i'm not sure I want to be here anyway.

Really, someone would want to 'buy' my mineral rights? That sounds great - how do I find them?


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