Got a call from AU mineral buyers. Was wondering if they are a legit company and if anyone has had any dealings with them. They inquired about some minerals I own in belmont county ohio

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what is the complete name of this company.....can not find anything on AU mineral buyers on a google search

That is the only information I got. I talked to another company that purchases them and they knew who they are cause they said they are the end purchaser and not a middle man. They said they were buying in my area cause ascent resources which use to be aep was planning a well. But haven't been able to find any information on them.

JB if you can wait  you will make a lot more then sellimg your rights ........things will get better in time as far as drilling goes and there is more under you then just the UTICA...........good luck and just  hang on to what you have time is all it will take ........a lot more infrastructure is coming soon from pipelines to move the gas out of the area to processing plants to more demand of the products.....       this companies are all end buyers til they find someone that will pay more then they did    don't believe what any of these people tell you they are professionals out to make money  most are carpetbaggers today gone tomorrow 


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