I recommend extrapolating some to the production numbers coming from Columbiana and Jefferson Counties, Ohio as well, found here: http://oilandgas.ohiodnr.gov/production#ARCH1

Good thing about Ohio's reporting is that it shows the number of days of production.  The wells look better when you take into account the actual number of days of production/being on line.  Of course, you'll want to concentrate on their easternmost townships.

Thanks, Todd

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Todd, From the check stubs I've seen you need to look at the but content to figure out if it is wet or not. The Utica wells I've seen have a btu of 1020-10


All of the Utica wells in Beaver County are dry gas.

All of the upcoming Upper Devonian and Marcellus wells in Beaver County will be wet gas. 

Take the Liberato 3H M as an example:

The fact that the well is producing oil necessarily means that the much of the associated gas is in wet phase, most likely on the order of 2/3 wet and 1/3 dry.  I'm guessing that the BTU content of the gas at the Liberato unit is between 1350 and 1400 BTU.  But don't take my word for it.  I'm just extrapolating numbers from Dr. Timothy Carr, PhD at WVU and Zagorski, VP Geology at Range Resources.






Yes, I understand what you are saying.

I just didn't get my point across I guess cause I just flew in last nite and was whipped! 

My point was, we won't know when they hit oil/NGLs until the actual payment stubs start showing up. Of course the formations that are going to be wet aren't drilled yet, and who knows when they will. Though they are getting their ducks lined up when the right time comes.

Here's a snapshot of the production figures for second half 2014 for those that can't get to the DEP site:\

Check the map in this article and Beaver County's position.

What happens if the Utica wells drilled by CHK were not left idle after completing for years and thus lose pressure and corresponding production?

Here's a glimpse from across the border in Unity TWP, Columbiana County, Ohio.



Please see attachment.


Todd, For some unseen reason, My computer would not open this file. Can you give me a quick run down ? Many Thanks, Nancy

Hey Nancy,

The take home message is that 3 wells that Atlas Noble, LLC drilled in eastern Columbiana County on the same pad produced 1,290,000 mcf of dry gas over 92 days in the 4th QTR 2014!  -- producing from the Point Pleasant formation.

Thanks, Todd

Todd, WOW !!!!   Thanks !....

Yes Thx keep up the goog work...

Here is a link to a Rhinestreet well flare within the Upper Devonian shale in Hancock County, WV.  The orange color is indicative of wet gas as predicted within that interval.


Are the Utica wells being flared in Beaver County north of the river? 





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