I recommend extrapolating some to the production numbers coming from Columbiana and Jefferson Counties, Ohio as well, found here: http://oilandgas.ohiodnr.gov/production#ARCH1

Good thing about Ohio's reporting is that it shows the number of days of production.  The wells look better when you take into account the actual number of days of production/being on line.  Of course, you'll want to concentrate on their easternmost townships.

Thanks, Todd

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I haven't seen or heard a flare for a couple years now. Heck the well that I'm in the unit of didn't flare, or if they did it was during the day on ONE day...because I drive past it every day twice and never saw evidence of the equipment for a flare. I also live within 4,000 feet of the well so I would have heard it for sure.

Strange I know, but it is producing now.

CHK Utica presentation:

Reason they're sticking around.
Williams Analyst Day 2015:

Many maps zooming into our area showing distinctly the wet Marcellus and dry Utica overlap in our locale.
Upper Devonian Burket/Geneseo Shale future production:


I like Figure 2 and think that the western margin of future production got cheated in Figure 3.

What happened to CHK's Beaver County leasehold, drilling and production on slide 6 for Utica Dry Gas Opportunity?


CHK has been leaving our county out of most all of their presentations over the past years from what I've seen. 

I don't think they will be tooting their Beaver County Utica horn until Shell officially says yes to the cracker plant. They know they are in the sweet spot for supplying dry gas to them. I also believe that is the reason they haven't sold off our leases.


The last few CHK presentations that I gleaned did show their Beaver County acreage position.  It is strange that CHK drew that arbitrary line in Columbiana County on slide 6 but CHK does strange things all the time so I guess that is status quo.

You have the right idea.  However, Shell will need wet gas (ethane to be specific) from CHK and others from the shallower formations in Beaver County such as the Marcellus and Burket shales; however, I believe Lawrence County's wet Utica could supply some ethane to the cracker.

Thanks, Todd

Agreed on the wet gas plays.

Those nat gas turbines they are talking about installing devour a tremendous amount of nat gas.The large amount of dry gas is just icing on the cake then I guess ; )

Great point Craig!
So, they're going to use natural gas to power the cracker plant also?!? That makes total sense.

Going to be good around here in a couple of years. We can all smoke cigars together and sit in our robes all day like the ppl in Qatar -- well, maybe after I get my lease and the corresponding first penny!

Todd, They are going to make their own Power Plant and use Nat, Gas !   Very Smart Company !   Great for ALL of US !!!

Still wondering....Why that day...no one was there ?  ALL, sounds good now....   Blessings....

Yes, gas turbines are in the plans, in fact 3 of them. They will be big ones I'm sure.

If memory serves me right,  back when they permitted to drill under the Ohio for the ethane line that comes North, they received permits for a total of 5 lines. At least that is what I was told. I suspect one could go look into the records at the Army Corps of Engineers and find out. 


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